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Winchester GB   Oct 2016

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Influences:   Blues, 70's rock and ballads, John Mayer, Beatles, Bad Co, Free, ELO, Clapton, TRex, Cat Stevens

I'm a bit late to the party but hopefully able to make the grade this year.

Recently I retired early from work to concentrate on fulfilling all the things I have always wanted to do. First item - write a good song..........

I am a guitar player and vocalist of dubious talent. Cover bands for the last 100 years and now looking to write something, since I didn't like my first effort in 1975...........

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#1 Sail Away 5
Feb 6


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  • @axl  Feb 6

    Hey Tony, Thank you for your nice comment. When you upload something let me know, I'll listen. Doesn't have to be a "good song". 😉

  • @mkd  Feb 5

    Hi @tonyw , thanks for your comment on I Remember When! I know what you mean re dates - I had wanted to space them more, but then went with first born child, which I figured had to be fairly close to the wedding day, especially in those days... I also had slightly at the back of my mind whether there might be an element of living with dementia at play within this story, in which case the older memories would be the most fixed, and the final verse would be a moment of clarity.
    Re the bucket list idea, you might like (or not) my first song this year...

  • @smiley Feb 5

    Many thanks for stopping by and commenting on my song. Wishing you much inspiration this FAWM.

  • @nuj4x Jan 24