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Flint, Mic US   Jul 2009

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Influences:   Mostly easy listening music from the 1970s.

Short bio: bio.
Long bio: biiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooo.
Be kind to each other.
He, him.

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  • @guatecoop  4 hours

    Exactly why I did that upgrade. The opamps are socketed so you just pop them in. I did OPA604s I think, but lots of people like the 627s, but the price led me to the 604. The compressor is good though at the very least.
    Yeah that Dano amp was a huge surprise, as I was expecting it to be like a Champ or my Silvertone 1482. Completely different and really cool sound.

  • @guatecoop  5 hours

    Is that a Presonus Eureka on top? I have some of those and switched to opamps to burr Browns…..really nice and easy upgrade if you haven’t done it. Still love that UA610….oh, I got a super lucky find—I’m the second owner of a 1963 Danelectro Centurion for $50. Just needed a recap! It’s kind of a mix between a vox and a twin. Fabulous. Anything new for you?

  • @toms  6 hours


  • @timfatchen  1 day


  • @jeustan  1 day

    Yes. :)

  • @headfirstonly  3 days

    Absolutely you may! I'm very much looking forward to hearing your musical stylings this year, sir!

  • @jeustan  3 days

    Hi! It is FAWM season. I am glad. Your music inspires me.

  • @elainedimasi  3 days

    So you did!

  • @johncrossman  3 days

    Toms is an anagram for most. Coincidence?

    Also when I just Googled "anagram" after a moment of doubt that I was misusing it, Google asked me if I meant "nag a ram." I mean, when did Google get a sense of humor? And are we ok with that? Do you ever record a tune and then ask yourself, are we ok with that? Do you ever ask Google? Did you ever write a song called, "Are We Ok with That?" Seems like you might have. These are the things that come out of my fingers when I come over here and, yes, I hold you partly responsible.

    Madison misses you too!

  • @adnama17  3 days

    TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAWM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It rhymes. Coincidence????

  • @zecoop  3 days

    Hey you... over there... I know you can hear me. We aren't that far away! Good to see you here again, my friend. Looking forward to hearing your tunes. Maybe we'll tune together. It could happen. :)

  • @andygetch  3 days

    Lets. Do. This.

  • @judypie 3 days

    Oh maaannmm, that’s a missed opportunity! Ichabod says hi :)

  • @postcardhelicopters  4 days

    Is that a spring or plate reverb on your bio?

  • @judypie 4 days

    I have a cat called Ichabod Crane so excellent band name

  • @fuzzy  4 days

    Hey yourself!
    Have a most excellent FAWM!!