Afterdark 4


Anywhere US   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   Anything after 8:00 PM...

Late night jams for the grown and sexy. But it doesn't stop there. Keep listening.

Songs (4)

#1 Her By Moonlight 3
Feb 2
#2 View from a Hill @cicpisces 1
Feb 9
#3 AQUASONICA @cts  13
Mar 1
#4 Clap, Clap ZONG
Mar 1


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  • @cicpisces Feb 9

    @tjfafterdark I've written a lyric 'View from a Hill' , see if that works. If not I can have another go.

  • @splittybooms  Feb 9

    Hey yo!
    Any other FAWM I'd be all over a collab. But I already turned down 2 this year so far.
    I dunno man, I'm really low energy this year. When FAWM started I just all of a sudden got really intimidated and stuff - so many songs, so many things to listen to, so much music make, so much stuff that sounds 1000 times better I than I could ever dream of doing. blahblahblah
    I'm still able to bust out songs, but its a struggle.
    So I don't think I'd be a good collab partner at the moment.
    But...its still early and I only got 5 more songs to go. So let me see if I can get my crap together and get back right. And if so, I'll come knockin'.
    Sound good? (thanks for seeking me out, and it really would be an honor to make a tune with you!)

  • @cicpisces Feb 8

    @tjfafterdark Hey , we've been paired in the random collab. I have some lyrics on my page or I can write something new. Any idea of a topic?

  • @elesimo  Jan 28

    Hi, there!

    I created a challenge for people to write a song as a fake band ( For my song I'm going to use "Varying Degrees of Legs", your suggestion on "Fake band A is for ABBA" (

    Thanks for the name and happy FAWM! 😀