Tom DeSimone 6

Artist Bio

Influences:   My dad and my brother, also bands like Snarky Puppy, Knower, Bill Wurtz, George Duke, Vulfpeck, Weird Al

Last year I didn't do much, on account of expecting twins and helping my wife through her pregnancy. The year before that I was busy buying my first house.

2019 will be FAWM #11. I've "won" around 8 of them, I think. As always, I plan to do my own songs as well as collaborations with my brother @markdesimone as @brothersdizz

2015 saw the release of a new Brothers Dizz Album!

I'm a geologist who likes music and dabbles with different types of songwriting. I use FLstudio, Komplete, a combination of samples, VST's and Audacity.

A few of my favorite songs from previous efforts: