Tim LaBorie 5


19131 US   Nov 2013


Artist Bio

Influences:   Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Philip Glass, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elvis Presley, Bill Monroe, Chuck McCann, Joel Hanna, Janice Woodcock

Tim LaBorie bought his first pawn shop guitar during the folk music revival of the 1960s. With musical roots in early folk and blues, bluegrass, and old time country, Tim evolved into writing songs.

He has released an album of his own songs, "Go Down the the Well," and also a second album, a project with friends, the self-titled "Elgie's Kitchen."

In 2006 one of his songs was awarded First Place in the Annual Music Awards of the online music organization Just Plain Folks. The JPF awards are often referred to as the "underground grammys."

Tim is working on his third album and performs in and around Philadelphia, PA, unless he is in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the summer or fall jammin' with the Bard Boys at the Farmer's Market.