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Influences:   Classical , Percy Grainger, Mike Oldfield, Enya, Kate Bush, Cecil J Sharp, US Musicals, Gilbert & Sullivan. Tom Lehrer

2 Apr Joined Robyn McKenzie's 100 songs in 180 days group. Apart from a lot of music intending to happen, I want to get The Postmistress (see FAWM 2019) scored and part recorded.

1 Apr Not A Joke. We're in flats alongside our daughter's place, in lockdown and have been so the last fortnight having delivered Macci the Bushfire Refuge Dog back to her mistress. There's some local paranoia. Checking Govt restrictions...because we're out-of-staters (like anyone caught on the hop with trailers/caravans) we're to STAY PUT. The govt does NOT want us travelling for days the width of the state to get home and the borders are closed anyway.. In-staters in holiday accom are to GO HOME and stay put. So here we're stuck and here we stay. Exercising is good though: long walks possible, no people.

29 March finally got the studio working properly. It's all bad news here, trying to work out how to keep our daughter's business surviving after the bushfires and with a likely no ski season this year. Dismal. Could be worse, we could all be dying triaged out as "too old" with covid-19

26 March STILL can't get satisfactory internet. Stripped laptop down and changed fan...still doesn't work so I guess that's it. Waiting on a wifi donglee for the studio "mainframe". Which will arrive first, the dongle or the virus? I know there'll be no ventilator for us if we get sick in the next week or two...

23 March Desperate scrambles to finish renovations. Done. Packed on Tuesday, home midnight. Collapsed. Slept in. Wed unpacked tools and gear, collected mail, argued with bank, remembered we were in Coronavirus Central and went nowhere and touched no-one. Thursday packed the campertrailer,set house to rights, wept for dying garden, paid next months bills. Friday fled for our daughter's place in anticipatioon of borders closing. Overloaded, blowouts, trailer pigtail rebuild, reached St Arnaud, still in "safe" country,
stayed night, discovered next morning (Sat)all prescription papers were back in SA, disaster planning, rediscovered the prescriptions neatly packed away, psychologically limped for the mountains, arrived evening 8 days behind our original schedule but still three days before borders closed. Now isolated in currently virus free mountain, I guess here for at least a month or more (original estimate was take Macci the Bushfire Refugee Dog home, spend a fortnight and return when things died down, Ha!)

15 Mar STILL not quite finished with the rrenovations. A b it of this, a bit of that to do tomorrow And we can't go home, unsafe for geri.atrics. We'll call in, stay out of shops, away from people, reload and head for the hills to wait things out...better internet and i'll have mobile recording AND instruments!

11 Mar ...and a 600km round trip tomorrow to get that new washbasin...renrovations in the outback have their little quirks, and I can't even blame IKEA

10 Mar With (in theory) one final day to go and another to clean, pack, and leave, I break a washbasin. Which will entail cutting out a section of wall to remove the shambles, refit wallboard, paint and tile, then install new vanity/basin. Which of course I don't have. One could call this a shattering experience. CHina or at least porcelain enamel fights back. "I will make you bleed for this" screams the tortured washbasin. "Don't bleed on the new carpet!" screams the tortured wife. "Don't bleed over me" pleads the bored dog.

7 Mar How did this come to be? we're STILL not finished. Nightmare country.

3 Mar THere IS a God! 4hr drive to Adelaide tomorrow for The Sink! and other bits, then 4 hr drive back. Kitchen in, rot repaired, bathroom coming along, music zilch zero zip nix nil nada nothing. Sigh. At least starting more comments on lyrics-only songs!

28 Feb Finished most demolitions and half the painting and starting to install kitchen. . Only to find that IKEA still hasn't got the sink we need. There are 200 of them around Oz, an average of 20 per IKEA store except Adelaide, which has nil, zilch, zip, zero, 0. Tick which is most applicable: (a) Adelaide doesn't wash dishes so doesn't need sinks (b) Adelaide will only wash dishes in a porcelain sinks. (c) IKEA stock management and ordering is up a wattle

22 Feb Just gone 1AM on 23Feb here,,,,and that's it. I have to go and I'm missing a computer that can record, instruments, all sorts of things as I get back to necessary flat renovation. I am soooo disappointed this FAWM. Yes, I've made the 14 songs, but I've hardly listened to anybody, and that means a whole lot less ideas and inspiration. Ah well, hasten next year...

16 Feb Home for a few days and desperately getting some music out and down while I have a properly functioning desktop (the fans arrived for the laptop). But it's all small-hours-of-the-morning stuff and I haven't even started listening yet. In terms of music making, this coming week is IT, and not much of it at that. I hope someone's still around in early March when I eventually get back...

11 Feb The heavy east coast rains have reached the Alps and the bushfire danger is receding, hooray. I'm still at Pt Augusta with Macci the Milch Dog 9 Bushfire Refugee and Deborah. Renovating. It looks like I will get a week at home 17-22 Feb and will try for songs and listening then

Feb For those worrying re bushfires, we'r quite safe here in Port AUgusta with the fires hundreds of miles away. Not so our daughter, her business, her staff and her home in Falls Creek, Victoria, with major fires still goping. Which is why we still have Macci the Milch Dog with us, this time as a Bushfire Canine Refugee. I've been maing nyself unpopular with governmetns and useless land managment authorities, as have a couple of other. Suddenly instead of 0-5 appliances tackling the4 SHannonvale fire (qv) there are over 50.Not before time, after 7 weeks. Bright side: Macci gets a daily mangrove and saltwater swim.

6 Feb Laptop died again. On the old netbook. Can't listen. Limited text communication. A week before I'm back> Sigh

5 Feb Totally vanished. Away rebuilding stuff at Pt Augusta (living there more than here). I'll try to write something....listening very limited...a mess

3 Feb Half vanished. Desperate one-song write. A bit of time available for listening. Outside attempts at disaster, not taking any notice.

2 Feb Vanished without trace. Family things, Ikea, travel, nightmares.

AND almost midnight, 1 Feb. the shitty song came out okay, I've hosed down the back yard, and the prism worked, and I've lsitened and commented and now I'm going to bed!

Local Midnight 31 Jan /1 Feb Defeated by the brown rolling tide, I went to bed instead of FAWMing. All I'd produce in teh muggy tropical downpour circumstances would be sh!t and sweat anyway...

31 Jan Deluge here. Flashflood. Stormdrains popping manhole covers in the road, fire service called to stop cars driving into them. Check on neighbour unaware he's about to go under. Make sure our main storm drain is emptying, flooded driveway. Check road levees (working--all our water is our own). THen....common drain overloads with stormwater and backflushes our seprtic tank into the maelstrom. All I can say is "shit." Now waiting for the second installment which will hit at midnight just as I'm about to start FAWM. (I reckon it's the Curse of the FAWMerick, myself.)

30 Jan I will get at least 2 days online FAWM before Pt Augusta flat renovations kick in yet again, then probably a bit in mid February. Right now, it's long reports, submissions, lobbying politicians to try to avert at least one looming fire disaster. It's possible, it just needs a quick decision and immediate action with not a huge amount of money. From a government? We're doomed. Pray that the rest of summer rains and is cold. Not a hope.

24 Jan Back home from the smoky still burning mountains, although serious rains has quietened a lot down, for now. While away I was also using a netbook of pronounced character so I have little recollection of what it was that got cut off. Basically, my FAWM is going to be a disjointed mess though not totally a writeoff. I will be limited by a combination of impending disasters (alpine fires at daughter's place) and attempts to prevent them together with trying to keep income coming in from flat renovating which timetable has also gone. Not at all happy.

19 Jan Increasingly it looks like myFAWM is blown before I start. It may bepossibkle to squeeze some time but I fear

17 Jan Now up at Falls Creek waiting to see if our daughters restaurant and home burn to the ground or whether its business as usual. The threatening fire (search Shannonvale) is 12km away but got stuck in the alpine bogs, so currently burning as a peat fire. After weeks of masterly inactivity, the army has come in to help;. We're not actually doing anything, just trying to help local businesses stay alive in what should be peak summer visitation but instead is Ghost Town. Smoke isn't too bad this time. Also, my laptop spat at Pt Augusta and I'm on the netbook, sorry for typos. Also, poor internet for next 10 days. Sigh.

Jan2020 Best laid plans etc. For the first time in 4 years, I'm not at sea. But I'm not here for the early FAWM either, being adrift at Pt AUgusta desperately renovating a flat. Builder's labourer, tiler, housepainter, carpenter, fixerupper...where'd the music go?


Tim Fatchen: nice, polite, quiet, writes serious and often soothing music, good dinner guest.

Flying Tadpole (songs marked [FT]): anarchic ratbag, writes irritating and often nasty satirical rubbish, good kennel cleaner.


You're clutching (smaller) money and you want to hear cleaned-up tracks from earlier FAWMs?? Go here:

Or Spotify: all the albums are there, search on Tim Fatchen or Flying Tadpole

FAWM and 5090 are the main part of the top row of CDs. Songs are available on iTunes, but it's cheaper via CDBaby and besides, I get more.

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Songs (20)

#1 Ten Thousand Tumbling Turds [FT] 27
Feb 1
#2 Prismatic Air 22
Feb 1
#3 Oh Two, Oh Two 13
Feb 3
#4 Daffodils In Snow @bking  25
Feb 4
#5 Epicenter 10
Feb 16
#6 Waltz 16 9
Feb 16
#7 Piano jig 12
Feb 17
#8 Drummed-out Blues 10
Feb 18
#9 Frangipani Ambush 10
Feb 18
#10 Death Spoke To Me 15
Feb 20
#11 How the Fruit Bat Empire was Won [FT] 12
Feb 21
#12 Out of Time 6
Feb 22
#13 No Angels 3
Feb 22
#14 Last Time Round 5
Feb 22
#15 Pack and Run19feb20a 1
Feb 22
#16 Doomed Prophecy 19feb20b instrumental 2
Feb 22
#17 Friday Night at the Laundromat [FT] 5
Feb 28
#18 IKEA Sink of Iniquity [FT] 5
Feb 28
#19 Rot is where you find it [FT] 5
Mar 1
#20 The Saltmarsh at the Sea's Warm End (was Mud flats) 13
Mar 1


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  • @ustaknow May 6

    This likely is not for you, but who ever knows. So based upon prior conversation and et alia... something to consider, or not, either way 😀

    OK, this place I spoke of [to some]? is up. I'll leave it there, -- check it out, or not, either way, responds to stuff I've been contacted about, and in reaction to my FB acct deletion, https://forums.songstuff.com/clubs/31...

  • @ustaknow Mar 30

    CV-19 challenge, - good one! Great sound; like the video with it too. ( -- well, all so to speak, art vs reality context, - it couldn't be "disney land" rides). Yes, some woman posted for viral release the beaches in Oz, - full. 😞

  • @heavyhedonist Mar 6

    You're killing it with all these goodies to listen to.

  • @aneil Mar 5

    Hi Tim thx for your input this Fawm ! I always appreciate you comments and input as it makes me a better song writer

  • @metalfoot  Mar 4

    I have not forgotten to listen to your music. Life is busy this week (the first week of the month always is for me) but I will get to your music soon!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 29

    Because you asked so nicely, I will endeavor to mark some of my songs with a heart so you can safely ignore most of them 😁
    My general rule for my songs is: collabs are the best; the Periodic Table is my main focus (but that kinda fell down a bit); and love songs to my wife are always among my faves Just Because.

  • @berni1954  Feb 29

    Tim, if you're having trouble listening to songs on FAWM, try switching to another Browser. Works for me. Opera or Microshit will paly what Chrome deems "Unsafe"

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 27

    Well, when that time should come, @pointlessaccount is ready for you.

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 22

    Now, if Cain were death, we'd all be in for a rough afterlife.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  • @karan  Feb 22

    I am so sorry that you'll have to leave again and hope that next year you'll have all of February just for music! It's such a pleasure listening to you (and such a pity that the other end of the world is sooo far away; I'd love to meet up for coffee and music one day.)

  • @mishykatz  Feb 21

    Thanks for the listen and wonderful comment on Been Around a Time or Two <3

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 19

    playing in Berri then i think Auburn. after those wife n I passing through Port A for a break in the eyre peninsular.

  • @sheamiejay  Feb 18

    Thanks for your kind words, Tim. I hope I live up to your expectations.

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 18

    Tim, thank you so much for your kind comment and for offering your beautiful suggestion. I was trying to do it differently for 2 reasons: I tend to go back to the original key so I felt it would be interesting to break from it, and my idea was that going to a higher key would symbolise that it is indeed possible to have a second chance. Kind of hope becoming possible to achieve. I do think though that if I need to explain my musical intentions I didn't do it as well as I hoped but I'm not saying it to hear otherwise. It's just my way of thinking. Thank you again for your great and very helpful comment. I admire your work which is highly inspiring to me and your comment is priceless.

  • @nancyrost  Feb 18

    I can't believe I haven't shared this with you yet ...

  • @karan  Feb 17

    This is strange, I ticket the song to be downloadable, but perhaps soundcloud prevents it? I don't know why, though. If it really doesn't work, just send me an e-mail with the songs you want, and I'll send you the MP3s.

  • @bking  Feb 15

    Glad to hear that you’re back and still in one piece. Fitting, the week you’re back is the week I’m traveling for work.

  • @karan  Feb 12

    Oh Tim, I am so sorry your plans didn't come to pass! I hope you can solve the laptop problem and find new strength for FAWM before the months is over Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!

  • @oaksnprairie  Feb 11

    Hooray for the rain! You should write a song thanking it. Or one about the incompetence of government in the face of natural (?) disaster.

  • @karan  Feb 9

    So glad to hear you're safe - but your daughter must be so stressed and worried now! I keep praying for rain ...

  • @bking  Feb 4

    Heads up Tim, it’s been posted.

  • @aneil Feb 4

    Thanks for your comment on Love is a choice! I always appreciate your input have a blessed Fawm

  • @arthurrossi Feb 3

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment on "The smell of death", Tim. It would be an honour to me! 😀

  • @oaksnprairie  Feb 3

    So happy to hear you are okay, so far. I hope your daughter's place also survives. I've yet to write a song this year, and my excuses are nothing like yours. Happy FAWM Tim!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 3

    Thanks for the nice comment on Egypt. I typically don't turn on downloads because I usually intend to take them into the real studio after February for commercial use. But maybe I'll offer it just for February and Fawmers. I'll edit the song now if you wish to grab it. Thanks again!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 3

    The Wordsmith lyric bears multiple settings. Go for it!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2

    Well Tim happy FAWM indeed and you're already off to a flyer. I shall get in my hammock and see what magic has already been produced

  • @mishykatz  Feb 1

    Thanks for the listen and the download! It was a nice start for me 😉

  • @arthurrossi Feb 1

    Hey, Tim! After skipping one year it feels so good to see some well-known faces again… I hope you are fine, my friend. Have a wonderful February!

  • @bking  Feb 1

    I will be traveling for work between the sixteenth and twentieth, but other than the day to day stuff I don’t anticipate anything that would get in the way.

  • @chasingandromeda  Feb 1

    Tim, I posted the comment about genre merely as a clarifying statement as the mentioned genre actually exists. In any event, love the track. Looking forward to more genre bending from you.

  • @elainedimasi  Feb 1

    Well. I know your FAWM Eve has come and gone. Sunlight soon?

  • @scubed  Jan 30

    Thank you for the lovely note. I can’t even imagine all the stresses you’re coping with right now. I hope that circumstances permit you to enjoy FAWM whenever you are able to participate.

  • @dzd  Jan 29

    Nowhere near the scale, but my home state had a good burning two summers ago. It was scary enough, I cant imagine with fires that large.

  • @dzd  Jan 29

    Be safe! There's always hopefully a later for expressing what I'm sure is some hectic goings on. Bio reading is enough to give ya PTSD lol...... uhhhhh happy? Fawm?
    Take care.

  • @mdavisto  Jan 29

    You don't sound so very retired to me.

    It's not my place to comment, being that I'm not an Aussie, but, you guys have elected a very special government.

  • @barbara  Jan 27

    Here’s to you finding time to create! A single drop of nectar, worth the wait, at times, is all we’re given. But how sweet!

  • @musicsongwriter  Jan 27

    Thank you Tim. I have big hopes for hearing your new music. Always a pleasure to hear your instrumentals and songs. Have a great time.

  • @meriamber  Jan 27

    Thank you for remembering some of my old songs!! Dang you rock! Looking forward to this year and hearing some of your tunes 😁

  • @musicsongwriter  Jan 26

    Hi Tim, have a great FAWM.

  • @bking  Jan 26

    Warm thoughts are headed your way Tim. Though I can’t fully comprehend what life in your part of our fragile world, I can sympathize. I have other Australian friends that I worry about as well. It seems that no one will get the fires unscathed. I can only hope that you and yours will be safe.

    I had hoped, and still am hoping for that long overdue collaboration with you. I will be traveling mid-month for a few days but plan to participate much more this year than last.

  • @gemhughs Jan 22

    Welcome back for another go round...

  • @aneil Jan 22

    Hope you back this FAWM!

  • @cynthiawolff  Jan 19

    Oh my oh my..
    The best to you and your beautiful country
    With you across the ethers my friend..

  • @bootlegger Jan 19

    Good to see you around the forums already. I hope you have a great fawm this year! Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

  • @kristian  Jan 18

    Looking forward to Mr. Tadpole and Mr.Fatchen rocking the musics!

  • @pearlmanhattan  Jan 18

    My friend, hello and happy FAWM I'll see what I can do!

  • @headfirstonly  Jan 17

    Hi Tim - I hope you'll soon see some of the rain that's arrived in Oz and that things will be less fraught in the coming weeks.

  • @zecoop  Jan 17

    Thinking of you a ton and hope all remains well. Hope to hear you here as well, but mostly just wanting things to get better there.

  • @hummingbear  Jan 16

    This might be one year it would be safer to be at sea? The news / videos have been terrifying, glad you are safe. Have a visionary 2020 FAWM!

  • @metalfoot  Jan 15

    Dear Tim,

    May the fires of Australia be extinguished and may your imagination be sparked.

  • @max  Jan 14

  • @tsunamidaily  Jan 14

    have the best FAWM this year!