Ryan Woodard 15


Portland, US   Jan 2006

Artist Bio

Influences:   A painting, an equation, a computer, a girl, a newborn baby, a foreign language, a song and spiral tap pizza.

Been doing this on and off and off and on since 2006. This will be my first year where I actually know how to record and have a working computer to do it with. I've been having so much fun with music in covid times...and my heart goes out to all who have struggled during covid times.


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  • @halfwayhome  4 weeks

    It’s been brought to my attention that the @mentions in my song posts don’t actually do anything to let that person know I’ve said anything to them. So, yes, here we are, towards the end of March, but for my own vanity and sanity, I’m responding to a now 6-week old comment you kindly left for my track Waiting Here (https://fawm.org/songs/117290/):
    "Agree about the ending. There was originally an extra sung line, but it wasn't really adding anything - should have chopped the backing too."

  • @bradbrubaker  8 weeks

    Thank you!

  • @bradbrubaker  8 weeks

    Hello! Any chance I could get the chords of the morph song? Also, any chance I could get a file of the tune without words? (I realize the @rosedeschamps part is pulled from her tune, so lyrics are stuck in there.)

  • @porrectus  Feb 17

    Thanks, the panning effect is built in to that patch. It's on old Logic Express from like 1835 or something. Most DAW's have an automation function that you can use to make your tracks pan from left to right as you wish, good luck.

  • @jyllian Feb 13

    Thank you for your suggestions on my song. I’ll consider. Also I’ll come back later to listen to some of yours.

  • @leka Feb 13

    thanks for listening!

  • @nancyrost  Feb 12

    Oh my goodness, welcome back!

  • @mtndee Feb 7

    @timehaven Hi Ryan - This is Mary from VA. We've been partnered for a collaboration, and I am looking forward to it! (Hope you are!). So here's the skinny on me, I am new-er to song writing with lyrics but not new to music creating. I have been a classical cellist my whole life and started playing with bands a number of years ago. My strength would be melody and lyrics but am eager to grow in every area of music production. I am currently in the throes of a music production class at Berklee using Pro Tools for my DAW. All in all, let me know how you want to connect for the collaboration. Happy Sunday. Mary

  • @rayboneor  Feb 2

    I'm kind of inspired by your claim that you actually know how to record. This is my 10th fawm and I'm totally fatalistic about recording. Sometimes it works out. Usually it goes to shit. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. 😀