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Maryland USA   Feb 2011  

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Influences:   mommy! & The Lost Dogs (her fav band), Michael Roe, Kerosene Halo, Bjork, Tori Amos, and lots of classical music! Johnny Cash, Kaos, Sia, Adele, The Black Keys, Imogen Heap, Broken Bells, & lots of Indian/world music!

I am The Nugget, daughter of @petra777 My mommy will be helping me add things to my page. Thanks for looking!

2015 update: Hi! My mom hopes Ill be FAWMing with her this year. I am in the last part of year 3 of piano studies. I have been working hard learning lots of songs to play & learning my theory. One day I may join a chorus, but my schedule is full right now. I am homeschooled and besides my regular subjects, I study ballet, jazz dance, gymnastics, acting, sewing & of course piano. You can see some of my recitals on my mom's youtube channel. I hope to have my own youtube channel soon!

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