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Influences:   Geotic, Devo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Johnny Foreigner, EMA, Prince, sad13, The Go! Team, Caroline Polachek, Sufjan Stevens, PJ Harvey, serpentwithfeet, Dβˆ†WN, Mountain Schmountain, Sidney Gish, Fryars, Emily Reo, Justin Bieber, SOPHIE, Lomelda, Crying, Lizzo, Mull Historical Society, Proper, Janelle Monae, The Cure, Fresh, Dirty Projectors, ANOHNI, Los Campesinos!, Lowell, Kishi Bashi, Girls Rituals, Talking Heads, Muncie Girls, Xiu Xiu, Kelly Lee Owens, Sharpless, Shocking Twist, noname, Todd Rundgren, Florist, Plans & Apologies, The Slits, One Direction, CupcakKe, Baths, Katie Dey, Bellows, Lemuria, Mallard The Wonderdog, Deerhunter, Solange, Oscar+Martin, Glass Beach, Lucy Dacus, They Might Be Giants, Marina & The Diamonds, Frank Ocean, The Fall, Adult Mom, of Montreal, Tyler The Creator, Mitski, Amateur Best, Haley Heynderickx, Apostille, Courtney Barnett, Beck, Empress Of, MNEK, Sir Babygirl, Pinkerton-Weezer, Charli XCX, Stairs To Korea, Grace Ives, Owen Pallett (I'm not saying I sound like any of these, I just wish I sounded like them)


The 2010s were the decade guitar music finally died. 2020 I'M BRINGING GUITAR MUSIC BACK BABY! THE LOWEST BITTER RETURNS TO HIS LONG-NEGLECTED GUITAR TO SAVE ROCK MUSIC (I predict I will write exactly one song on guitar and then get bored and go back to synths)

UPDATE! Just bought this midi controller, guitars are DEAD AGAIN.


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  • @sph  Mar 3

    Big thank you for your comment on "Old motor". @cicpisces 's lyrics often sing themselves.

  • @meatcoup85  Mar 2

    Thanks so much for the nice words! I’ll check your stuff out shortly! Coffee = gooood

  • @ustaknow Mar 2

    Hey, thank you for the, looks like, listen-listens πŸ˜€ - thank you for the comments!

  • @loveonamixtape  Feb 21

    Thanks so much for your comments on "Sailor Neptune." And I would *love* to collab! Please do send it over!

  • @tangle Feb 19

    Thank you so much for you comments on Viriditas, especially about the finger picking as I was really struggling to get my fingers to relax into that. I'm glad the tension didn't translate.

  • @amelea Feb 16

    I always look forward to your comments! Thanks for the one on Canananananada, hope it's out of your head by now πŸ˜‰ @thenucleus has been showing me a lot of your tracks, he likes them πŸ˜€

  • @frenchcricket  Feb 15

    I've been listening and not commenting all FAWM. It's been a nightmare to keep track of

  • @pinky Feb 9

    Haha, good call on the funk! Updated the tag. I'm terrible at tagging things, and so I scrolled through the soundcloud options and picked the closest. They don't even have funk as an option, shameful

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 7

    Thanks for listening and your kind comment on Psychic Development. I agree the beat is pretty weird and discordant but I'm happy how it turned out. Glad you like it!

  • @monplaisir Feb 7

    Thanks a lot for your comment <3 Nail polish song-buddies, I like that 😁

  • @jamesstaubes  Feb 7

    Thanks so much for the comment. On "Be Alone," it's all guitars. No keys. The "synth" sound is coming from the Mr. Black Enterna pedal. It creates this amazing extra note. A very U2 effect.

  • @adforperu  Feb 7

    Pah! You're just being kind because we're meeting later 😏

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 5

    I was desperately trying to figure out which synth you were talking about to no avail but so glad you enjoyed! πŸ˜€

  • @owl  Feb 3

    Hello!!! Thank you for ye olde comments, pancakes are the best. I'll be back!

  • @mlm Feb 3

    Thank you for your comments!!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Feb 3

    The sound on "wandermoves" for my vocal is achieved with the Sound Toys plugin "Little Alter Boy" and the "Echo Boy" plugins.

    I also increased the reverb intensity as the song ended while I'm singing "floating".

    Thanks for your kind words!

  • @balancelost  Feb 3

    As an avid player of Championship Manager 2 (Spain edition) I was familiar with Mauricio's playing career. I'm trying to get a relatively even national spread and I've already got a Redondo track representing the Argies, plus as a player he probably comes down the list a bit, beneath the likes of Batigol, Zanetti and of course Jose Chamot.

  • @pinky Feb 1

    Excited to hear what you come up with! Can't wait to read your awesome lyrics, be in awe of your vocal harmonies, and infected by your contagious melodies!

  • @helenseviltwin  Jan 29

    Hey hey. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  • @paulh1237  Jan 29

    Stop announcing the guitar as dead, its all I have at my disposal! (I even got the a squire bass VI because it's a bass that I can just pretend is a standard guitar xD). I guess this year I'll dig out the harmonica..

  • @fecknom  Jan 29

    Hi! I will definitely be back this year. I'm so glad you liked Purple Satin, I think it's my favorite of everything I wrote last year (FAWM and beyond). I'm looking forward to hearing your songs!

  • @weakness Jan 28

    Maaaan thanks so much Lowestbitter! I can't wait to hear what you make this FAWM too; you're always such a blast to listen to! Also agreed with what everyone else is saying; you better be whippin up at least one guitar tune!😝

  • @phlex Jan 28

    2020 is going to be six strings (or 25 plastic keys) of life, love, and loss. Looking forward to your perspectives on where the world is going - and how to get through it. Exciting times!

  • @circle Jan 28

    Hi hi

    Yes, I'm back this year. Wow, that's an absolutely crazy compliment, thank you. I didn't even think that song was that good, it wasn't one of my favourites that I wrote! Funny how that can happen. I'll try to make something you'll like as much this time too

    Looking forward to your stuff again too, excited to hear some mad midi licks (although I don't think the guitar is dead just yet, give it a try)

  • @cairobraga Jan 28

    your bio is AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER this year. I love it.

    also: do synth+guitar music and bring electroclash BACK TO LIIIIIIIFE!!!

  • @websheldon Jan 27

    Yessss I'm totally doing it this year! Looking forward to a collab!

  • @mdavisto  Jan 27

    Greets TLB. Thank you for your kind words; I hope you have an excellent FAWM yourself.

  • @santadharma Jan 27

    Hey hey hey! Can’t wait to hear your tunes.

  • @seemanski  Jan 23

    Yo! I really enjoy your stuff and please, please, please dust off your guitar and give us some ROCK! I'd love to hear what you come up with then again I can see the appeal of the new shiny shiny thing.

  • @owl  Jan 20

    Ooooh a new controller!
    Have a great FAWM and I'm excited to hear your tuuuuuunes!

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 18

    Sup?! Hope you have a cracking FAWM!

  • @balancelost  Jan 15

    You can call me Judy Garland if it makes you happy.

    And look forward to a verse about how I'm sitting on the fence about the whole situation until he leaves in the middle of the 21/22 season.

  • @judypie  Jan 13

    HI HI HI. Hit me up for random vocals at any time πŸ˜€

  • @adforperu  Jan 13

    sorry, wrong profile

  • @adforperu  Jan 13