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Sheffield GB   Feb 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Tallest Man On Earth, Bob Dylan, Rage Against the Machine, Guided by Voices, Sleaford Mods, Bob Marley. I listen to loads of stuff, it probably all influences me in some way.

I'm Swiss, I've lived in England for too long. I make acoustic punk/folk music, love Nintendo, bright colours, music and muesli.

This is my 3rd FAWN. See for previous FAWMS or for the EPs I've made of my favourites. Generally things have got more production and instrument heavy as time has gone on but this year marks a return to my acoustic roots not through choice but necessity.

I'm currently travelling around South-East Asia with a guitar so all my songs will be live videos of me with said acoustic guitar and no production. 'Live and raw' or however you want to glam it up.

I've no idea if I'll hit 14 due to the travelling circumstances. I'm certainly not going to sacrifice travelling fun for it, but considering I've recently gone through a break-up, quit my job, and gone on this little adventure I should have plenty to write about.

I'll again be making an EP of my favourites although this time that'll obviously involve actually recording them properly and then adding lots of stuff so it probably won't be done until the summer!

I probably won't be able to listen and comment as much as previous years for the above reasons but will do my very best.




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  • @sjbatavia  Feb 28

    Thanks for the kind words on Things Gotta Change. Much appreciated.

  • @judypie  Feb 28

    Hehe I am down for movies any day of the week til Feb 2020 😀

  • @judypie  Feb 14

    Haha I told ad I understand you’ve only had ten minutes sleep in the last week so all good! And lol at not noticing your coat rack is a stave! You’ve had at least two different coats hanging on that rack Clive! 😝

  • @judypie  Feb 14

    Thank you Clive, I WISH i could join a rock band. You do realise this is a collab with @iwilleatyou and not Ad though. We can’t be giving @adforperu production props for this!! 😛

  • @judypie  Feb 8

    Ah thank you for finding time to listen to my songs Clive! Hope it’s magical over there 😀

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @adforperu  Jan 2019


  • @judypie  Jan 2019

    Oh STOP BOASTNG Clive! 😝
    I bet you’re doing yoga on the beach at sunrise right now aren’t you.. ENJOY YO’SELF! 😀