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Influences:   portishead, run the jewels, MIA, cut copy, st vincent, lykke li, mum, bjork, the antlers, sufjan stevens, deerhunter, the xx

9 years
We're in the middle of recording an album so we're not sure what will come of this. Hopefully we get some new songs that we can add to the mix.

We are a husband wife duo. We tend not to stick only to one style - although haunting dark beats is more likely our groove.

sometimes we find a song that we'd like to collaborate on, but we cannot be required to do any lyrics (those are the hardest bits to get down, aren't they?)

Looking forward to hearing our favorites as usual and meeting new ones as well.

Follow us on soundcloud to hear a bunch of old demos, if you are so inclined.

bandcamp us for our new album.

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