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Baltimore USA   Jan 2010


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Influences:   Debussy, Chopin, Phillip Glass, Joni Mitchell, Odetta, Protestant church hymns, Armenian folk music, jazz, blues, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, cabaret...

Bullet Point Bio:

1970: I begged my mother to get me piano lessons
1971: I began piano lessons. I couldn't reach the piano so I stood, even during concerts
1976: I attended the Walden school for Young Composers.
1977: I won a national composition award, and found out that limes really do grow on trees.
1978: I attended Peabody Preparatory for piano musicianship, composition, and trumpet. I also learned how to play pool and ping pong.
1985: I attended Oberlin Conservatory, for composition and ethno-musicology
1987: I became disenchanted with Oberlin's misogynist composition department and got my degree in World Religion instead.
1988: I went to Bali to study Gamelan music and Hinduism.

I began focusing on solo piano music and retreated into a private creative space.

1994 ish: I began writing simple songs. They were awful.

I also played in my first band with a group of very talented, middle aged R&B musicians who played songs from the sixties and seventies, and drank Wild Irish Rose. I was under suspicion by their wives, who came to each band practice to keep an eye on things.

I intermittently studied jazz with Greg Hatza at Towson State University.

1995 ish: I joined the Baltimore Songwriter's Association and began studying songwriting in earnest.

1997 I had my first child and stopped my public music endeavours.

2003 ish: I rejoined the Baltimore Songwriter's Association

2005 ish: Someone invited me to an open mic at Leadbetter's. I started going every other Monday and eventually, got up the nerve to play and sing on the mic. I was awful.

I continued to play and sing at open mics and watched people wince for several years.

I invested in a beautiful weighted Yamaha electronic piano. I still have, and am in love with it.

New Year's Eve, 2006 or 2005, I played in a trio and continued to play with them for a year. This was my first successful extended, public music experience.

I started to improve in my songwriting, vocal, and piano skills, learned to play bass lines, and began to be invited to play out more and more.

I recorded my two CDs, one with Ty Ford, and one with the Wood and Stone Room.

Songwriter's bucket list: to play more performances where there are grand pianos in the venue, improve my vocal skills in the upper range of my voice, learn and write some more jazz and cabaret songs, and complete my third CD.

I would also like to attend a songwriter's festival, such as Kerrville, Southwest etc.

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