Mark H 8


Lincoln US   Feb 2018  

Artist Bio

Last year I did FAWM without utilizing the website or community here. I wrote a bunch of songs that were all inspired by a specific intersection in Lincoln, Nebraska (Songs About 14th & O). I got a lot of songs out of last year that make up a good chunk of my current live set, but I was very inspired at the time and going through some personal things that made for great song fodder.

This year writing songs feel like less of a knee jerk reaction and takes a little bit more work and concentration. I am also going themeless.

Posting songs that aren't perfectly performed/produced is scary to me, but the community here seems to be unrelentingly positive so those fears are dissipating! Thanks!


Also, I just put out my first album, "A List Of Regrets". It's available where ever you stream music, if you're at all interested. No FAWM songs on that one, but "Songs About 14th & O" will likely be the next thing I release.