Tabitha Littlejohn 2


NZ   Jan 14

Artist Bio

Influences:   Folk, Rock, Pop, Fingerstyle Guitar

I have not written much previously but I hope to write a song or two this February. When I do write, most of the time it is and instrumental on the guitar. I do write some lyrics but I don't sing so I will sometimes use the melody that comes into my head from the lyrics to turn it into an insrtumental piece.


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  • @worm Feb 23

    An old FAWM saying goes "you can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." You make good music. you should make more. er, rather, record more of it and share

  • @kevinmason  Feb 2

    Thanks for the comment on my song! I look forward to hearing what you write this month.

  • @nuj4x Jan 30

  • @stephenwordsmith Jan 27

    Kia ora, my fellow Kiwi lyricist! I hope February brings you the inspiration you seek.

  • @tcelliott  Jan 27

    Here's to FAWM. I hope you have a great year. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

  • @johnstaples  Jan 26

    Welcome! Happy FAWM!!!

  • @hummingbear Jan 21

    Welcome to FAWM! Hope your time here is productive!