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97227 US   Jan 2018

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Influences:   tim hecker / boards of canada / stereolab / james holden / huerco s / talk talk / eliane radigue / grouper / steve reich / nick drake / harmonia / stars of the lid / william basinski / dirty beaches / jan jelinek / vladislav delay / sepalcure / floating points

hiyo! I'm Erin, I've been doing electronic music since 2006.

2018 was my first fawm! the 2018 FAWM album was also released last summer after I added and brushed up on some things here and there, but it's largely the same stuff I uploaded here. check it out --

in 2019, i didn't really come up with much for fawm unfortunately. though the work i put into the music here eventually spun off into motivating and contributing to a different project and i eventually came up with this flowy lo-fi drone release

all the stuff posted here is likely lacking in the production quality and variation departments due to time constraints, but I guess I'm doing this to develop other skillsets musically rather than taking months to finish one track. i suppose these are more like "fleshed out idea pieces"

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