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Chapel Hil US   Jan 2012  

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Influences:   Most anything raw and loud and in-your-face catches my attention. Any genre with the word "Hard" in the name: Hard Rock, Hard Funk, Hard Country, Hard Opera - if that exists, I'd surely like it! If not, I'll probably try to write it here... Also weird, anything that challenges the norm. To me the archetypes for the perfect album are the second and third Mothers albums, "Absolutely Free" and "We're Only In It For the Money".

We're in the future...

But that made me wonder about the past. Like why did they mix stereo albums so weird for about two or three years in the mid sixties? You know, those really wide stereo images with the drums, bass, and guitar on one side, and all the vocals and maracas and shit on the other? So I studied it a bit...

Turns out they thought stereo was just a fad, so they mixed for mono first, then often just let the 2nd engineers mix for stereo. The artists and producers had usually left by then. They had to mix the stereo so that it would still sound ok if played on mono, which is what most radio and flip-top phonograph players were.

But if you mix something, say vocals, in the middle of the stereo image on a stereo mix, it would be 3dbs louder (which humans perceive as twice as loud) when played on mono. This is because the exact same thing is 100% in phase with itself and so is like 2x the thing when mono.

Another reason that the instruments were all on one side and the vocals and overdubs on the other is that they were usually recording onto four tracks. So they would record the drums bass and guitar on three tracks, then bounce those down to one track. Then have one track for main vocals, one for leads, and one for background, horns, orchestration, etc.

This is actually how I recorded on my Teac 2340A in 1982, which I worked for a year to save up for after high school, then quit my job so I could start recording.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late), those weird stereo mixes are some of my favorite songs! (Listen to the stereo mix of Rubber Soul with headphones on...) So I decided to mix all of this year's Fawm songs like 1966. Not the sound quality mind you - I worked too hard to get a good drum sound to muffle up the kick, and wash out the cymbals with reverb! I'm just trying to understand the rules for mixing that cool psychedelic pop of the 60s.

Also, gonna do FEWM again: February EP Writing Month, so I guess I gotta do 7.25 songs this year...

It worked pretty well last year - I released one album and three singles, some made right here at 2019 Fawm!,,, and

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#1 Put You Down 16
Feb 4


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  • @deadhead  Feb 16

    I'll have to check out Wishbone Ash. Haven't heard of them before. I haven't put too much work into the Rock Opera since your feedback. I started a company just after that and the majority of my time has gone there... Things have been running smoothly since though so maybe I'll find some time over the next little bit. Or maybe start a new one from No Light... 😄

  • @klaus  Feb 10

    Hi Sync and thanks for the comments on We Got It All. Good bio you got there, very informative. Cheers! 😀

  • @iwilleatyou  Feb 8

    Shame on you; Eye Will Eat Pie is a stupid name. Heeeey waitasec....are you saying I'm stupid in a roundabout way? Why I oughta.......

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 7

    Thank you so much for listening to and taking time to comment on Mentally dead .<3

  • @bitshred Feb 7

    Thanks so much for the listen and kind words on my song "Silhouette Dreams". It's really just a play on phonics and my mind. The last syllable rhymes with "wet". And so a "wet dream" is what I had in mind for my lyrics..... Sorry, that's kind of gross, so I didn't want to mention the origin of the idea in the liner notes.

  • @phoenixash Feb 5

    Thanks for your comment on my track with Fuzzy

  • @raygungirls Feb 5

    Thanks for returning this year to check out my music again! Look forward to your creations this year.
    Comparing me to Clutch! What an honor! I actually realy like where they're ending up. Their real rocking stuff is great! I've been with them since "Escape from the Prison Planet".

  • @iwilleatyou  Feb 5

    I had to look up push pops....i completely forgot about those things. If I had way no how would i allow them to put that shit in their system. It's just as bad as pop rocks. But ok...yeah...they sure tasted good! I liked the purple flavor. And the blue. And the Green, and the......

  • @fuzzy  Feb 4

    Just read your Bio.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 4

    Thanx for your comment on "Salvation". I was trying to put together a creepy track, so it's interesting that @phoenixash reminds you of Ray Collins!
    I love hearing about listeners' unexpected associations!
    "You can be my Doochess - my Doochess of Prunes!"

  • @bamsekarhu Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the song was made for the jam game, so it's just a loop 😀

    The lyrics are a pun, the song is played in a scene where the players are fixing their Frankenstein's monster from pieces, Corpus Diaboli is latin (or broken latin, idunno) for "The body of devil", and palapeli is Finnish for jigsaw puzzle 😝

    Your concept for this years Fawm is awesome, btw!

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2020

    Have a great FAWM!

  • @robs  Jan 2020

    Good luck and have fun!

    If this is the future then what did we do wrong?

  • @spikedirection Jan 2020

    Welcome back man, hope you hit your target for the year.