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AU   Feb 2011

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Influences:   Regina Spektor, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, Joanna Newsom, Radiohead, Dirty projectors, Moses Sumney, Phillip Glass, trad jazz, Ravel, old timey music


Lordy this is my 9th fawm.... definitely done enough now to see some patterns and pledges like "i'm gonna keep songwriting all year!" or "i'm gonna learn how to use Abelton" emerge un-fulfilled yet again....... Oh well love you fawm, what a lovely community of people. Another habit is definitely falling off the fawm wagon about half way through, I unfortunately never resolve to get to 14 songs but I'll be happy just to get the ball rolling again.

I feel like I've been living very un-creatively lately so am a little trepidatious about songwriting for the first time since last Feb! I'd really like to experiment with more imagery and capturing atmospheres or stories rather than usual songs about my creative self consciousness and self criticism ...! But let's see what comes out.
We've just moved house so the to-do lists and unpacking plus a new jobby and gigs on the weekends might detract a bit of time but will do my best. Ooh and we haven't got internet at the house yet.... whoops. I've been gigging with a 20s trad jazz band called The Slipdixes, but did a Susy Blue gig at the end of last year with my violinist friend and loved it, so hopefully will get some new tunes for that.
Anyway happy fawming, thank-you in advance for listens and support I will endeavour to return the favour
Despite having probably another day at least of cheatiness due to time differences I am signing off a little early. My folks have just arrived for a visit so will have to bow out. Am a tiny bit disappointed to have a lot less time this year for FAWM, life just got in the way a little more than usual. And damn Southern Hemisphere Summer FAWM, I ran into a few fellow other lovely fawmers at a lovely sunny festival, we said we’ll make a winter one for australia, WAWM - or as someone else said, EP writing month, WEWM, much more achievable!

Anyway I’ve still had a lovely time and enjoyed being part of this beautiful community again. Thank-you so much to those who’ve given me such wonderful support, thanks to my dream collaborators, @adforperu and @hanley. I will endeavour to stick around and catch up on listening, even tho at this point my comments are like ‘I heard your song, I really liked it’!

Over n out, lotsa love, till next year x

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  • @sailingmagpie  2 days

    Hope you're around again this year, Susy!

  • @zecoop  3 days

    Hey there! I am looking forward to new music from you! Happy FAWM to one of the most talented people I've heard. .. 😀

  • @oddbod  5 days's next year already

  • @adforperu  1 week

    I am crossing all my fingers and toes for at least a smidgeon of SB this year...