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Worcester, US   Feb 2019  

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Influences:   Roberta Flack, Nina Simone, India Arie, Jill Scott, Sade, Tracy Chapman.

Soul Singer-Songwriter. Grew up on the Blues, Funk, R&B, Soul, 70's Singer-Songwriters.

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  • @nuj4x Feb 2019

  • @jmadison  Feb 2019

    Hey welcome to FAWM... Blues, Funk, R&B, Soul... My favorites. Music to my ears. Literally!

  • @audrey  Feb 2019

    Welcome to FAWM. Hope you have a great time. I love the blues too.

  • @lorijoanne Feb 2019

    Welcome! Your inspiration artists are an amazing combo, that's some wonderful inspo 😀

  • @resonut123 Feb 2019

    Welcome, it is great site and community of songwriters.
    I usually do some blues, but I am starting off very sick with bronchitus, so will probably start off with a few instrumentals.
    FAWM on!

  • @suntaafrica Feb 2019

    Had never heard of this site or challenge before. My 1st time trying it out!! Excited for the challenge. Thank you to Female Musicians Academy sisters for the info!! Glad to be here! Hoping to learn so things along the way!!