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Influences:   laura nyro, cassandra wilson,joan armatrading, james blunt, coldplay,joni mitchell, coltrane

2020...tweaking my humble studio and making little improvements to expedite recording so I can remain in creative mode with less obstacles. Simple things like long enough cables for my headphones, wireless mouse and 2nd screen setup in my vocal booth so I can work remotely.
Very curious as to which muses will come down and play with me. My goal is to remain present in my most authentic self. I have had many trials and triumphs this past year as most of us have. I hope to weave a tapestry that represents my evolution. Looking forward to morphs, collaborations and having lots of fun too! Most importantly is being in the good company of my FAWMily and feeling this amazing web of love and creativity. Have a good one everyone.
Its always mind-blowing to me how February comes upon us and we all pop up like little mushrooms getting ready to cook up a great dish. I do in great part mark the passage of time with this group especially because it encompasses the whole of who I am as an artist. It is a focused concentration and gift to myself to forgo life's everyday and move into a blessed bubble for 28 days. Something I doubt many of us get to do throughout the year. So here I am again with the usual doubts of much happening.. and then the magic starts. As always I stay open to the muses come what may.
On a technical level I have updated my recording gear... interfaces, monitors, a really good mic, new headphones and some soundproofing in the hopes of making more usable tracks. Have an amazing time everyone and may the force be with you!

I think this is my sixth FAWM!. So glad to be back. I'm going to be in the middle of moving for the whole month of February so a lot of my time will be spent between my old and new place AND my car. Somehow I'll try to make this work and have the road and the inconsistency of the month Feed the Muse. As usual I have no idea what I will come with and I'm very doubtful I'll even have anything and I say that every year.
Looking forward to hearing what you all come up with this year. Especially looking forward to collaborations and song morphing and of course the ever famous song skirmishes.
I love my FAWMily

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  • @tamsnumber4  8 hours

    Hello my magical and musical sister, my heart is ready for your creations!!!!

  • @cynthiawolff 3 days

    Hiya! Looking forward to 2020 FAWM..
    Cu in the trenches

  • @andygetch  1 week

    Hey Sonya, I'm looking forward to more sunny fun!

  • @metalfoot  1 week

    OK, NOW this is this year's wall scribble. LOL. Have a great FAWM and I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

  • @metalfoot  2 weeks

    I know it's too early to be writing on people's walls, so consider this a really late 2019 wall scribble. Hope you've had a great year and I look forward to what you do this year!