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12724 US   Jan 2012  

Artist Bio

Influences:   laura nyro, cassandra wilson,joan armatrading, james blunt, coldplay,joni mitchell, coltrane

2020...WTF is all I can say. 2021...nowhere but up from here! I'm looking forward to prompts and especially collabs so hit me up!
For the music, I took the opportunity during lockdown to finish old work and get into my more improvisational and ambient pieces. I'm hoping to continue on that journey this year as well as my singer/songwriter work. This is my 9th FAWM. When I started in 2012, I couldn't figure out how to post, so I just wrote, recorded and went online everyday to listen to everyone's work. I still have those pieces and they were very cool indeed.
There are always gems in each go around. I'm looking forward to our collective consciousness at work as we focus in and turn it on!!!

Songs (18)

#1 Invocation 35
4 weeks
#2 The Old Country 15
4 weeks
#3 As the House Burns Down @crisp1  47
4 weeks
#4 Testing One Two Three 14
4 weeks
#5 The Writer 8
4 weeks
#6 I'm Leaving @cynthiawolff  19
4 weeks
#7 Season of Sorrow 17
3 weeks
#8 Loser Saturday 8
3 weeks
#9 Love Like Color 9
2 weeks
#10 Love is Irreverent 3
2 weeks
#11 All the Things I Do @jorh  16
2 weeks
#12 Bus Stop @rosedeschamps  10
2 weeks
#13 Anywhere Anytime is Fine 16
2 weeks
#14 Queen of Clubs 21
1 week
#15 The Candle @mikedebenham  20
1 week
#16 Set You Free @kahlo2013 11
1 week
#17 Burning the Wind 10
1 week
#18 Timeless Time 7
6 days


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  • @piney  14 hours

    Hey there! I just made Primal Prayer downloadable for you! Thanks for asking. Feels crazy there is only so much time to catch up on listening now that fawm will be shutting down early. Thanks for all your listens and support. 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  1 day

    Thanks for listening to my songs "Lights at Sea", "Something Dark" "Start Walking in Your Dreams" and "Amelia" and collab song "Where I Want You / By My Side", I appreciate it!!

  • @daveyboy103  2 days

    There's also this one

  • @daveyboy103  2 days

    Winter Walk is a brilliant song from @@eas3637, I just sprinkled a bit of fairy dust on to it.

    Many thanks for your kind comments.

  • @jamkar  5 days


  • @karlsburg25  6 days

    I am looking forward also to march binge listening lovely. Massive congrats on an amazing FAWM

  • @beat  1 week

    😉 thx for listening
    you know that Heller is a very famous name here in Vienna/Austria... ?
    As a musician I prefer you though ˋ].

  • @billwhite51 1 week

    whp is tony robbins? this might seem odd, but my inspiration for things that matter was jeff beck. the most infuential guitarist in rock music and the most unncompromising.

  • @daveyboy103  1 week

    Bless the lockdown? Well it produced a lot of music for me.

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    Ahhhh... I just heard our song and I had tears in my eyes - you captured the sentiment so beautifully - so tenderly - so perfectly. I am so very grateful..🥰

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    YEA!!!! Only if you have time!

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    Thanks for letting me know! Good luck with all of your video editing!

  • @berni1954  1 week

    Glad you liked "The Faerie Ring"

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    Ha - quick typing leads to typos-
    sliding on thin ice
    slipping off trails
    falling off steep cliffs
    touching third rails

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    Awww shucks! I would love to do something with you... if I run with this would you be interested

    sliding on thin ice
    slipping off trials
    falling off steep clips
    touching third rails

  • @daveyboy103  1 week

    Alternate version of the Liz's words might be interesting?

  • @tunecat  1 week

    Thanks so much for listening to "The way that it is" and your nice comments!! It's been a really quick and sloppy write but I was really pleased with it!!

  • @cellarrob 1 week

    Thanks so much for listening to and commenting on Dark Horse! So happy you like it so much! 😁 😊

  • @silenceinthetemple 1 week

    Thank you for your very kind words on "L'appel du Vide." It can be really scary to show such a vulnerable side to people, so I truly appreciate your supportive comment. It means a lot.

  • @misterd 1 week

    Thanks so much for listening to my piano song and your positive and kind words - you made me feel real good . Thankyou so much .:-)

  • @misterdemp  1 week

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and encouragement on Shooting for the Moon. Absolutely, the cello is the real deal! Looking forward to listening more to your songs!

  • @kahlo2013 2 weeks

    Thanks for your kind comments. You got it, sister!

  • @smokeyjoe5804 2 weeks

    Thank you, Sunny, for liking "No Romance Rap!"

  • @wolfkier 2 weeks


  • @aflinner  2 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comments 😀

  • @andreasb 2 weeks

    your work is fantastic. Looking forward to more!

  • @mikedebenham  2 weeks

    Sonya, sorry for not following up on the collaboration till now. I've been playing catch-up all month. But I'm still game. Let me know if you have any thoughts on where you'd like us to go!

  • @billwhite51 2 weeks

    thank you for your comments on boomers no boom. your words are literature to me,

  • @squeakmouse73 2 weeks

    Thank you for your encouragement on "Love." The thing is, I was quite inspired by your flavor on this one. You'll see when I hopefully get demos done on here. Sometimes I feel like I have to choose between demos or writing on this thing right now. LOL. I do want to actually demo these, though, because I think it gives context.

  • @nerdjealous  2 weeks

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Allthabest for Fawm 😀

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    Thank you so much for your comments on my dice rolling tune. And ELP were my teenage rebellion! The first thing I listened to that wasn't my parents' kind of music. Lifelong fan.

  • @jike  3 weeks

    Such kind comments. Thank you!

  • @natalie  3 weeks

    Hi, Sonya, thanks for your kind welcome on my profile page. I’m a few days behind on my messages and listening to others’ tracks, but I’m super happy to be here in the “sandbox” with all you amazing artists!

  • @complexissimple 3 weeks

    Your turn in the morph chain! My song is here

  • @prsongsmith  3 weeks

    Thanks for your encouraging comments on "Confusion Corner"! So happy you enjoyed it! I had fun with that one and I'm glad that came through for you!

  • @kahlo2013 3 weeks

    Awww... thank you for you kind comments ... my lyrics are just dribbles of words that magically become meaningful when put to music by lovely musicians and collaborators. Berni is awesome to work with - I love his style! And I hope we can do one (or more) too!

  • @berni1954  3 weeks

    Hi Sonya, thanks so much for your warm and very positive response to me and Liz's song "Love Again". I've written a couple with Liz at other FAWMs. She is such an inspiration... and "prolific" is surely her middle name.

  • @sherrycanary  3 weeks

    Hi girl
    Thanks for checking out my skirmish snippet.
    If you have time, i would love you to check out a twist on Twisted.
    I think you will enjoy it.
    Getting surgery tomorrow, carotid artery surgery, so I will be out of commission for a few days...but I will be back. It's FAWM!

  • @rosedeschamps  3 weeks

    It’ll be fun! I’ve emailed you to get the ball rolling 😀

  • @estebanlartigue  3 weeks

    Thank you for your comment on “Emily in Paris” i think i just completed a weekend of netflix with this song 😀

  • @mikeskliar  3 weeks

    welcome back!

  • @jorh  4 weeks

    Yey sounds fab 😀 I’ll see what I come up with over next few days, looking forward to it!

  • @ayehahmur  4 weeks

    Thanks for commenting, Sonya!

  • @kajati 4 weeks

    Thank you for your comments

  • @cynthiawolff  4 weeks

    Hiya Sonja,
    Just posted the song I'm Leaving
    I do hope you like it...
    Please let me know if I need to add something,
    take something away or change pic or whatever...
    Happy Saturday...
    Thanks again so much it was really satisfying

  • @cynthiawolff  4 weeks

    Alright..ima gonna post..
    It was a great time..thank you!
    Hope you like it xxc

  • @billwhite51 4 weeks

    let cynthia do it. im a one song kind of a guy. i wiill be looking at any future lyrics you post and when nne comes along that i hear in my own voice, ill be quicker on the draw.

  • @porrectus  4 weeks

    Thank you for the kind words.

  • @jorh  4 weeks

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my lyric ‘I hope we meet again’ - really glad you enjoyed it. Think there might be a bit of a site wide problem at moment with links to soundcloud, band camp etc. they’re trying to fix. If you search for campamiti on band camp you should be able to hear it 😀 A few people are doing interpretations and know others are working on it so I’m sure they’d be happy for you to do your own interpretation if you wanted too. Or we could do a collab on something else cause I love your stuff 😀 maybe if you keep an eye on my lyrics or I send you some ideas if anything comes to me i think would suit your style during fawm?

  • @celineellis  4 weeks

    Thanks for your lovely comments!! Glad you are liking the songs!

  • @coolparadiso  4 weeks

    I did one with Crisp yesterday! I love Dougs lyrics. You did a good job.

  • @crisp1  4 weeks

    Oh my goodness, Sonya! I just woke up (it's almost 7:45 AM in Baku as I write this) and found you'd already put up the song -- and it's incredible! Don't even know how to thank you for it. Wow! I'll add a comment later when my brain is fully activated but I just had to tell you how blown away I am by what you came up with.

  • @dudachris 4 weeks

    Oh ya, the lyrics were just phenomenal, but, I know that's not the only part of a great song. Great work giving it music and a voice!

  • @guatecoop  4 weeks

    Hey there, thank you for your very kind words. I appreciate it!

  • @crisp1  4 weeks

    As the House Burns Down is yours!

  • @cynthiawolff  4 weeks

    Thanks so very much for your visit..
    Your song Invocation is so beautiful..
    I came back for another listen and to play it for my husband..
    I hope you are doing well... lockdown has got to be tough in NYC..
    Take care of yourself

  • @sherrycanary  4 weeks

    His sister
    I couldn't find the right party clothes, but I am finally here.
    Great to see you

  • @crisp1  4 weeks

    Hi, Sonya. Yes, you turned The Rivers Run Dry into a beautiful song last year! I've got to get back to work but I'll come by again later and listen to your song. Have a great FAWM!

  • @billwhite51 4 weeks

    i am, eagerly looking forward to your new songs, Sonya

  • @tootoobee  4 weeks

    Happy FAWMing! I love the Morph challenge, too 😀 And I loved your contributions to it in the last years even more!!

  • @njihe 4 weeks

    Hello again and happy FAWMing! Looking forward to your music and listening the cd while waiting new material... P.S. Gonna write you an email soon!

  • @gardeningangel1  5 weeks

    Hi Sonya! Thanks for dropping by 😀 Have a great and wonderful happenin' FAWM!!!

  • @jorh  5 weeks

    Haha not even I’m that committed 🤪 Well I suppose I am this year now! Thank you fingers crossed!

  • @jorh  5 weeks

    Just checked out some of your tracks on soundcloud - they’re really great! I loved the lyrics ‘as dark as things get. we haven’t broke down yet, yeah i think there’s a sun on the rise’ we could all do with some of that positivity now. Will be sure to check out your tracks when fawm starts 😀

  • @kahlo2013 5 weeks

    Hi Sonya!! Looking forward to your creativity and music and hoping that you might be inspired by a lyric to do a collaboration! Liz

  • @beat  5 weeks

    Welcome. Monday’s just round the corner... enjoy being.

  • @johncrossman  5 weeks

    Hey sunnymae, up up and away... Well, not quite but soon!

  • @wolfkier 5 weeks

    Always such a nice warm happy hello from you every challenge. Such kind words. Looking forward to hearing and enjoying your many talents this year. Wishing you a happy FabFeb21, my friend. Hugs.

  • @tcelliott  5 weeks

    Hey! Thanks for the note. It's good to see you returning for another iteration of the awesomeness that is Fawm.

  • @karlsburg25  5 weeks

    Great to see you here and i second the collective beautiful music consciousness flowing in the month of feb x

  • @cynthiawolff  6 weeks

    Absolutely stunning new photo
    You look radiant!

  • @cynthiawolff  6 weeks

    Onward upwards 2021!!
    Hopefully the worst is behind us...
    Let’s get lost in this beautiful world that we all create

  • @tamsnumber4  6 weeks

    And the world makes sense once more....there you are Creative Songstress!! I am so happy to be in this songwriting fantasy with you and my ears ache for some of your magical tunes!!!

  • @mikedebenham  6 weeks

    Sure, Sonya! I'll mark it on the dance card. Good to see you back and have a lovely FAWM.

  • @guatecoop  6 weeks

    Hi there and thanks for the message. Are you referring to America Calling? If so I can send you an mp3. I figured someone would like a prefawm warm up.
    Yes, we are all back this year and ready- I think. Best wishes to you this year as well!

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    TBH, I envy your nice tidy space. My "studio" doubles as our junk room so everything that doesn't have a home elsewhere just ends up in it.
    Enjoy your FAWM.

  • @elesimo  7 weeks

    Hi, there! Yeah, everyday I feel so lucky that I live here, it's gorgeous! I hope to do a fawmover here one day. 😀

    Have a fantastic FAWM!

  • @metalfoot  7 weeks

    So glad to see you back! Have a wonderful FAWM!

  • @timfatchen  7 weeks

    I think it's only FAWM and 5090 making things bearable right now! Welcome back!

  • @johnstaples  7 weeks

    Hiya Sonya! Great to "see" you back here again this year! 2020 was a tough year and 2021 is starting our rough but should get a lot better soon! Let's try and ignore the world around and write some songs! Or, let's write some songs about the world as it is right now!

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    Backatcha 😀

  • @jwhanberry  7 weeks

    Hey there my friend. Almost time to do it all again. Have a great FAWM.

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    Hello Sonya!