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90500 Oulu Finland   Jan 2012

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Influences:   I seem to be irritably resistant to influences from the bands I'd like to be influenced by!

2012: 5 songs. First time participating.
2014: 0 songs. "Imma register this year!" ... "What, it's March already?"
2018: 14 songs!!! WTF let's drink


Well, yeah, yes, well. Hi!

I'm a Finnish guy travelling between two towns (Helsinki and Oulu) and trying to make sense on what I'm supposed to actually do.

I've never thought myself as a musician. At least not completely. At least not in any commercial sense. But I've made songs, for my own pleasure, ever since I was this small: |----| and I've even had some semi-serious band projects from time to time. Not for a year, though.

When I'm not making music (that is: most of the time) I work for an Internet Operator. I'm not sure how that happened.. I have no interest for machines really, and I hate wires.

My goals for this year's FAWM:

- to find joy in making songs again
- to manage to take myself musically less seriously (i.e. to increase zerofuckgiveness!)
- to get to play guitar a bit more again, after ending a band project almost a year ago

I have met all these goals already! 😀

I have a some kind of strange collaborational project going on with a friend of mine, but the songs are coming up slowly and unsteadily, so I'll try to publish a good deal of songs just by myself too.

If you like, please don't hesitate to feel free and stuff!

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