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Manchester GB   Jan 2016  

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Influences:   Portishead, Massive Attack, Manic Street Preachers, Gazelle Twin, Coil, Aphex Twin, Lebanon Hanover, Blaqk Audio, Covenent, Boy Harsher, Linea Aspera, Sixth June, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith,

This is my fourth year of FAWMing, and I can't wait to get started.

Since last year, I've been busy with production, remixing and collaboration. I've also refined my own sound a lot, and made my debut solo performance opening Manchester's Foundations Festival back in December, and second show as part of Valentine Records relaunch on January 25th. My first album, a lot of which originated from FAWM 2017, has a release date of end of January 2019, and my second album (largely based on 2018's FAWMing) will follow shortly thereafter.

So based on that pattern, I'm hoping 2019's offerings form the basis for album number three before 2019 is finished. Here we go!

Current rig:

Novation Circuit
Alesis SR 18
Roland SH-201
Moog Werkstatt
Shure SM58 + VE20 vocal effects pedal
Bitwig Studio
Air Hybrid
iZotope Elements Suite

Happy FAWMing, can't wait to hear everyone's tunes.

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