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Kitchener, CA   Jan 2017  

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Influences:   Mainly I think, "The Johns" - Hiatt, Prine, Richman, Ramone. A little bit of Fred Eaglesmith and a sprinkling of Mark Knopfler here and there. Warren Zevon, Jason Isbell, I also like to think I'm influenced by Rick Rubin as well. And a little by my Dad.

This is my FOURTH FAWM, following up on my first year’s success, and the last two year's COMPLETE CRASH AND BURN (IE ZERO songs written.
I tend to psych myself out completely to the point of paralysis. This year I'm going to try not to get in my own way, and stay out of my head as much as possible.
Tried the RPM Challenge multiple times but only succeeded once. I'm WAY too OCD about my recordings to finish them in a timely manner. Writing, however, causes many much less sleepless nights...

First picked up a guitar at 15ish, started writing songs as soon as I knew chords. Played and wrote on and off (mostly off) for the next 30 years. Built a small humble recording studio in my basement, and started a small, inconsequential music label.
I love working with other artists and creating music and sharing it with the world. Unfortunately my basement flooded and I spent a lot of time working with people with whom the experience left me....well, never mind.

Guitar, bass, percussion, some keyboard, and whatever else I can pluck, press, swing, shake, or hit with a stick.

Some Fenders (electric and acoustic)
Gretsch Black Dragon
Ibanez Bass
Axion Keyboard
Shure, Apex and 12 Gauge Mics

Logic Pro 9
Whatever apps I can find for my iPad and phone...

Collaborations encouraged!

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