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  Jul 2008

Artist Bio

Influences:   Laudanum

Stephen Wordsmith drinking game:
1. Take 1 shot every time I mention 'The context of silence'
2. Call ambulance.

Collaboration policy:
- My lyrics should not be assumed to be exclusive (I've had too many excellent multiple takes). However, if you are not the first to lay claim to a lyric, I recommend checking with the other FAWMer(s) that they're OK with you jumping on board. Similarly, you can quietly ask me if you want to be the only one to do a demo for a song, and I will probably grant you that.

Constructive criticism is welcome; good faith is assumed and expected.

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No songs by this fawmer (yet).


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  • @johncrossman  2 days

    Whether written, sung or sneezed,
    the words you smith
    ourselves will please.

  • @metalfoot  2 days

    I love how you are boldly striking against the "probate" in your FAWM profile photo by posting in the FAWMerick thread. No worries, mate, your secret's safe with me...

  • @oddbod  5 days

    Tēnā koe, me old mucker.
    BTW, if you're wondering why the royalties haven't been pouring in for Welcome Home, it's because when I last checked, my album had earned the grand total of £1.83!

  • @tamsnumber4  5 days

    Wield that pen against the powers of the blank page!

  • @metalfoot  6 days

    I wish to welcome you to another fine year of FAWMing, good sir, and I wish to register myself as one who would, perchance, like to have the pleasure of a collaboration, should the opportunity present itself.

  • @pearlmanhattan  6 days

    Waves! Hello friend.