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Washington US   Jan 2007


Artist Bio

Influences:   rock punk indie country bluegrass western swing blues other

I've been playing music live in bars for decades now, up until COVID. This year has been the longest break in 25 years of playing live music for humans. I've been playing in bars longer than that, but there may have been a break this long in 1993 or so, around the time I was in grad school.

I've been doing FAWM for a long time, and it’s part of my life.

Last year around this time Nancy Rost and Eric Agner released their first record, Violet Cusp. Rost, a singer-pianist based in Madison, WI and Agner, a singer and bassist in Washington, D.C. have been co-writing long distance since 2008. Their songs, expansive and energetic, span the genre gamut.


Demos from years past: http://soundcloud.com/fawm-standup/

And I released a quick-n-dirty EP recorded all on 4-track cassette and mixed in the analog domain, with antique hardware. There were mistakes. There was no "undo." All songs from 2020: https://ericagner.bandcamp.com/album/nanoweber/

Pronouns: He/his/him


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  • @aesthetic72  18 hours

    Hi Eric thanks for the second listen! I could also hear the Joni - but only a good bit after I recorded it. I had no intention of doing so. I love her, but I’d not classify her as one of my greatest influences. Maybe that’s just how some Canadians sound after they’ve lived in the crazy scene of California for a while? lol! Anyway I am open to all sorts of collabs but I cannot predict whether or not a tune speaks to me in a way that will conjure a song. I was lucky with Rob’s piece. It made me cry so I knew immediately I should try it. I have an odd way of creating songs, too. But all that said I would absolutely interested if the stars align. I like your sound a lot and because you do sound Canadian to me, we might have a better chance than average. Maybe 50/90? Are you taking part?

  • @octaviankelp 1 day

    Thanks for your nice comments on Asbestos flamingos and Amélie a perdu la tête. It's funny how you put something in a song that goes unnoticed and something that was not consciously made is seen by all, here I was expecting the harmony to be picked as a an obvious Pink Floyd reference because it is similar to Breathe. On the other hand I didn't pay that much attention to the guitar solo for it to be "Gilmourian" and was simply trying to be as bluesy as I could... About Amélie you had it right, I have been playing with the ambiguity of the expression "perdre la tête" which can mean either losing one's head or mind. Thanks also for the comment about singing, I actually did it again on Dark Sign Of The Mood.

  • @gregthehero 1 day

    Thanks for listening Gaithersburg! So I wasn't meant to be going in to the health care center as a random British guy, but they snuck me in as a photographer and there was an upright piano in the corner (I hadn't played in months due to travelling around the states) so I started to tinkle on the keys and they invited me to "play along" which I had just about enough musicality to do (for an hour!) There is proof (which I forgot about, should have put it with the song!) : https://youtu.be/04LvHenJoJo

  • @octaviankelp 1 day

    You're welcome, I love surf music and ambient electronic, so threre many things for me here!

  • @octaviankelp 3 days

    Thanks for your nice comment on perseverance, the low rumble at the end was the first martian wind sound recorded by PERSEVERANCE (you see where 'm going) last month.

  • @audrey  3 days

    Thanks for listening and the nice comment on "No Hurry". I appreciate it.

  • @markg  4 days

    Here's a funny video of the epic guitar battle in Crossroads, thought you might enjoy it

  • @sherrycanary  4 days

    Hey Eric....just making rounds. I was out of commission for a lot of FAWM, so I am trying to catch up.

  • @epi 5 days

    Thanks for commenting on “Procrastinator”. I tend to procrastinate and hate it when I put myself in that situation. 😀

  • @schmex 5 days

    Thanks for your comments on Unauthorized Autobiography. I feel like I'm living one!

  • @saxylizbeth 6 days

    Hey - thank you for your kind comment on Jackdaw Song. I guess the mix wasn't so bad in the end, but there are just so many buttons in garageband i get a bit overwhelmed as I don't know what 80% do!

  • @thefuneralcrasher  6 days

    Thanks for busting my zong 😀 very kind of you 👍🏻

  • @nancyrost  6 days

    Heh! The cold look was totally directed at the invasive Samsung phone!

  • @aesthetic72  6 days

    thanks for your comment on You Last Good Best Was Mine -- and for that suggestion. I also had the same feeling when I sang the chorus through one time. And after I had recorded it. I'm glad it wasn't just me. I'll look to change that when I get back to it.

  • @markg  1 week

    My original lines were "keep your cotton-picking fingers off my cotton-picking gin" but I thought it might be offensive to cotton-pickers, and farm workers in general. What does the Georgia boy think?

  • @nationalcat 1 week

    Thank you for your comment on Reoccurring Dream [i've been camped out waiting for someone to comment :')]. Dude is for sure living in his car, its like a super old car and the speed maxes out at like 65 mph, its horrifying. And if I had a dollar for every time I received feedback along the lines of "this shouldn't work but it does" i would be a rich man. Anyway your comment was insightful thank you!

  • @serene123  1 week

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my songs! Your feedback is so appreciated!

  • @monty 1 week

    Congrats on getting to 14! And thanks for your feedback on "Over the Rainbow is Real." I can transpose it to any key if you decide to work on it. Hopefully they'll be a FAWMstock in 2021.

  • @pippa  1 week

    Thanks for listening to my tune. I'm so sorry about covid. I've managed to keep playing somewhat by playing outside gigs. But they've been few.

  • @declan  1 week

    If you have nothing to say on a Zong, please don't comment.

    It is often the only comment I get and means other Zongbusters won't comment.

  • @shelleroo1  1 week

    Thank you so much for the comment on If I Go First! Much appreciated!

  • @brisk  1 week

    Thanks for nice "Playing the Game" comments. I actually had fun with this one - some of the recent ones have felt more like chores than creative liberation... Will give you a listen in a spirit of giving and sharing.

  • @gm7  1 week

    thx for the kind words on "Wondering".. your so right this is a relationship almost everyone has go thru.

  • @kerriwinter  1 week

    Hey there, thanks for the nice words on "long past time" and the constructive warning!
    I re-uploaded without the volume adjustments I made (I'm going to blame the blackberry smash I made tonight for why I thought it was a good idea to mess with the levels I've been using to success all month?). it sounds the same on my end though, if you're able to click in again and tell me if the level is better I would appreciate it!

  • @theodamus  1 week

    Thank you for your lovely comments on Birds and Blueberries & Fennel! I really appreciate that you listen and leave such thoughtful comments <3

  • @guatecoop  1 week

    Hahaha, is that what those chords are?!? I’m so ignorant aside from major and minor, so you’ve increased my knowledge by 50%! Embarrassing really. Anyway, thanks for checking it out! About singing, I just don’t believe that I would write words that I could be proud of. I can sing, but prefer to write the music and give a pretty wide and interesting lane for those who are good at writing and singing on songs. I actually love coming up with melodies and harmonies, but like others to sing them. So, I guess I’m a good coach.

  • @jamkar  2 weeks

    Hey thanks for the super comments Eric!

  • @lizbrinker  2 weeks

    Thank you, @standup ! It was great collaborating with Rich on Come On By. Thank you for listening!

  • @emkaydeebee  2 weeks

    Ha ha, thanks so much for your comment on Trigger You! 🤣

  • @thesoundof 2 weeks

    Thank you. As a fist-timer in everything here and publishing music I really appreciate your comment and feedback.

  • @aesthetic72  2 weeks

    thanks for your super kind comment on my collab w Rob!

  • @cherok40 2 weeks

    Thank you for your nice and detailed feedback on my track. Very much appreciated!

  • @elesimo  2 weeks

    @standup I don't think I have access to that document you mentioned. Would you mind updating my address there? My current address is in the document that @burrsettles created for the documentaries.

  • @cleanshoes  2 weeks

    Thank you so much for your listen and comment on Boys Will Be Boys. It really is a toxic and loaded phrase.

  • @apertome  2 weeks

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, a lot of the distortion is coming from overloading the Quadraverb GT. The GT actually has some builtin distortion and overdrive, but for this, simply driving it too hard sounded better.

    That said, the Sputnik dual osc, which is a Buchla clone, does some great sounding wavefolding, AM, FM, and some other nasty stuff. Plus I was modulating a digital delay module in horrible ways. Good times.

  • @safred 2 weeks

    Hey if your interested in a virtual CS80 this is probably the best VST version of it that I know of: http://www.memorymoon.com/me80.htm
    I have been using this for many years, its fantastic, very authentic! And not too pricey either!

  • @medievil 2 weeks

    Thank you for your feedback. 😀

  • @fearlessflight2014  2 weeks

    I used 4 different tunings for this song and I remember none of them though I started out GDAD

  • @safred 2 weeks

    Thanks a lot mate for the feedback on the Deckards Dream track! Yep, its the closest Ill get to a CS80! Its a great synth, its even better with a Ring Modulator, which I hope to acquire sometime soon.

  • @aesthetic72  2 weeks

    Thanks for the kind comment on when my heart was not mine.

  • @kimbeggs  2 weeks

    never agree if you don't feel it:) Always good to hear you!

  • @andyt13 3 weeks

    Hey thanks for the commenty love!

  • @improvyssey  3 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on "Thirteen"! And no, it's not diatonic. I'm not sure of the name of the scale (I'm somewhat lacking in some aspects of theory), but it's Eb F# G Ab B C D,,,or "Hey, let's play this in Cm and throw in a random sharp on the F 'cause creepiness."

  • @emkaydeebee  3 weeks

    Hey! Thank you for your comment on Siren’s Lament - it’s interesting how the octave violin feels different in the different settings isn’t it? Loving the feedback on your Sweetheart of Abstraction 😊

  • @prsongsmith  3 weeks

    Thanks so much for listening to “Boulevard Montmartre” — really appreciate the kind words.

  • @dantanz1 3 weeks

    Thank you so much for the comments! Much appreciated! Warm regards, Dan

  • @loveonamixtape  3 weeks

    Just responded to your email but, short answer: yes, let's do it! Excited to work on it!

  • @gregthehero 3 weeks

    Sweetheart of Abstraction is great!

  • @scubed  3 weeks

    Thanks for the lovely comment on “These Wide Open Spaces”!

  • @emkaydeebee  3 weeks

    Thank you for listening to Call of the Siren - really appreciate your liking it!

  • @emkaydeebee  3 weeks

    Absolute pleasure! (And it amuses me as I’m quite contrary according to the nursery rhyme...)

  • @akagitsune89 3 weeks

    Hey, I've emailed you!

  • @emkaydeebee  3 weeks

    Hey, great work on Sweethearts of Abstraction! Super mix, love what you've done with it, thank you!

  • @yaquimike 3 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my first few songs!

  • @emkaydeebee  3 weeks

    Hi @standup Eric, I’ve emailed you some parts - hope you like them!

  • @franniezest  4 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my song!
    No it wasn’t about anything specific I was just driving home from work! I like how concentrating on driving lets the back part of my brain just say what it wants then later I have to figure out where I was going with it so I can write the rest of the lyrics !

  • @chroes  4 weeks

    Thank you for your constructive criticism! Writing lyrics in English is so foreign to me, I simply don't get a good feeling if my images are okay. Your input is valued and helpful!

  • @porrectus  4 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comment

  • @emkaydeebee  4 weeks

    Hey! Have emailed you - may end up in your junk. The subject says Octave violin 👍

  • @alg123  4 weeks

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comments Eric!

  • @robynmackenzie  4 weeks

    It is the new guitar! I love it! Thanks for the listen and comment! 😁

  • @rdopart  4 weeks

    Hey! Thanks for stopping to listen. So glad the story pulls you in!

  • @jessicagraae  4 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on Louise. Yeah, I was kind of picturing a teenager, or someone in trouble.

  • @akagitsune89 4 weeks

    Thanks for checking out Flight Risk and taking the time to share your thoughts! And you're certainly right, Flight Risk has definitely made the right decision... But I thought I'd experiment with telling the story from a flawed perspective, see if it could work! 💛

  • @guatecoop  4 weeks

    Hey there @standup , if there aren’t enough people, we could do a 2 person 4 track collab. Or, you could send it to me and I will send it to someone else after that. Are you surprised that there are only 6 tapes? I am.

  • @jessicagraae  4 weeks

    Thanks so much for listening to my song, and commenting. I think you're saying the rhyme works well for a rambling thing? Now I'm rambling.

  • @nuitarie 4 weeks

    Thank you for listening to "Marie-Astrid's Clock" <3 Have a great FAWM this year, I'm definitely going to check out your stuff 😁

  • @markg  4 weeks

    Sure, call me Tank

  • @helenseviltwin  4 weeks

    Hey - thanks for checking out "The Other Way". It's actually just a normal bass guitar on that song (well, a weird take apart travel bass, but normal frets and normal strings). I do have an Ashbory, inspired by Nancy's purchase, but I have barely used it. I thought about getting it down from the shelf for this one, but the fretted bass was so much easier to access...

  • @loveonamixtape  4 weeks

    Thank you for the drummer recs and encouragement to reach out to folks. FAWM number 6 and I'm still SO. SHY. about asking of people's time in the form of collabs. I need to remember how over the moon it sends ME the few times I've been asked to collab and just err on the side of thinking most folks would feel similarly -- or at the very least, they can always say no!

  • @n1742  4 weeks

    Thanks for the suggestion of link between chorus and verse. I’ll try sustained chord.

  • @bigmood 4 weeks

    Hey, thanks for your comment! I was thinking about putting the drums earlier and then couldn't make it sound how I wanted so I just went with what I had haha. nice to meet a fellow bassist, looking forward to seeing what you write 😀

  • @elesimo  4 weeks

    Eric, thanks for the comments on my song and soundboard! My plan now is to take the foot off the gas and focus on collaborations and listening to songs. 😀

  • @dasbinky  4 weeks

    You, sir, are a scholar and a poet, and I look forward to the unique brand of standup you bring to this place. Rock on!

  • @lishie5000 4 weeks

    demo 1 is ready. mwhahahah

  • @goldarrow  4 weeks

    Hi Eric, once more we tread on parts of our minds that know no bounds. Great FAWM to you!!

  • @julieann 4 weeks

    Look forward to checking our your unique songs this month...cheers to FAWM 2021🥂

  • @the3queens  4 weeks

    Hey Eric, Happy FAWMing!

  • @rickamorphis 4 weeks

    Hey man good to hear from you! Don't know how active I'll be this year writing/recording but I'm pretty sure I'll try to finish some things to keep my streak alive. I'll be listening...hope your FAWM is fun and fruitful!

  • @jessicagraae  5 weeks

    Happy FAWM! Looking forward to hearing your creations!

  • @katpiercemusic  5 weeks

    I've been 50/90 exclusively for years. I decided to try this for once this year since having no life might sort of counter the whole teaching and exhausted thing that normally prevents me from creative work this time of year.

  • @lastnightilie 5 weeks

    hey! I remember, I think that was the one where I wrote lyrics and you set them to music? What kind of collabs are you looking for now - music, lyrics, full collab? Or do you have a preference?

  • @guatecoop  5 weeks

    Yeah, I will certainly send something your way....though at this moment I am in the mindset that I won’t write anything!! That will pass, but hopefully I’ll have something to work with. We will be talking....

  • @guatecoop  5 weeks

    I forgot to say that it seems like we do the 4 track challenge every year, but maybe a collab? We shall see. We will be talking, I’m sure.

  • @guatecoop  5 weeks

    Hey there! I meant to say hello to you and your wife, @pfoo, but just didn’t do it until now. Hi! I hope both of you have a great FAWM 2021. I will be listening.

  • @tamsnumber4  5 weeks

    Have a Great FAWM!!

  • @writeandwrong  5 weeks

    Cheers to a super FAWMtastic February! 🎵🎵

  • @loveonamixtape  5 weeks

    Haha, thanks. 😀 Good to see you here again, too!

  • @tcelliott  5 weeks

    Heya. Let's do this.

  • @mosley  5 weeks

    Hey Eric! Happy FAWM! Looking forward to hearing what ya write this month! 😀

  • @nicetrip  5 weeks

    Hey, hope to listen to your songs this year!

  • @cts  5 weeks

    Yo Eric - how goes it? Ready for that February green light?

  • @carleybaer  5 weeks

    Hi! Glad you're here 😀 happy FAWM!

  • @acousticmaddie  5 weeks

    Happy FAWM dear!

  • @tabitha 5 weeks

    Hey Eric, happy FAWMing

  • @eargoggle  5 weeks

    Mr. eric! It's so funny, I just listened to you and Nancy's album because it came up on Bandcamp, and it made me very happy that I was gonna be able to hear some new songs of yours soon...hope you're well these days!

  • @apertome  5 weeks

    Hey, great to see you around again. Your work is always unique, excited to hear it!

  • @ericdistad  5 weeks

    Great to see you back Eric! Have a great FAWM!

  • @johncrossman  5 weeks

    Yeah, happy fawming pretty soon to you Eric!