Joel D Canfield 4


85140 US   Jan 2006  

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Influences:   Jude Cole, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Mdou Moctar

15th FAWM. I should write at least one song.


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  • @charliecheney  Feb 20

    Okay, I sent a message to Spinhead Web Design on FB.

  • @charliecheney  Feb 20

    Hey, I've been following your progress on Instagram. You're doing good work! Are you a whiskey drinker by chance? I have a project I shelved a year ago that I think is a keeper, would love to talk it over with you. Crazy internet play. Absurd. Wonderful.

  • @whispermouse  Feb 19

    Banjo is awesome! Do it!

  • @fiddlerblick80  Feb 6

    Aww I hug you. Hope you’re well.

  • @johncrossman  Feb 5

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree and actually think Negative Sum Game is a copout of a title. Aside from the meaning of the twisted cliche/metaphor, there's nothing tying that title to the song, like a business reference (where I tend to hear Zero Sum) or a game of any kind including the game of Life (Hasbro trademarked or not). That's probably my solution, work in a line about how life is a game but sometimes feels it's of the less than zero sum kind.

    I wonder if you're thinking you might post a tune or three. Got any started lyrics lying around? Want some?

  • @bking  Jan 30

    Hi Joel. Good to see you here again.

  • @mishykatz  Jan 30

    Please do. Good to see you

  • @mikedebenham  Jan 30

    Yes, you should. Welcome back, Joel!

  • @johncrossman  Jan 16

    Gosh, I think you said something like this last year and then had a (fill in the adjective of choice - productive/revelatory/tremendous/expansive/moving/etc...) musical Feb! Here's to you in 2020, cheers!