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  Jan 2017


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Influences:   Nick Lowe, Fountains of Wayne, Mike Doughty, Klark Kent, Guided by Voices, the Clean, the Fall, Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, Jonathan Richman

This is my third FAWM. I've found myself with a band this year, accumulated using songs I wrote for last FAWM! So I'm gonna try and write some stuff we can use. Last year's were all like a minute and a half, one verse and one chorus, and I may try this year to make three-section sketches. In part so we don't have to learn 15 songs for a half-hour set!

The year before I did all one-minute electronic instrumentals, so this year I'm gonna try and do both, just go back and forth.

I like the forums and will contribute where I can, but I'm not good with the critiquing, sorry! I do thank you all for the feedback.

For FAWM purposes, I'm happy with a verse and a chorus with chords and a melody. Now the song *exists,* and I can change it or add to it. Riffs and bridges and stuff are easy enough to find noodling, and additional verses are basically crossword puzzles once you've set up their rules (melody, meter). You can make stuff with clay, but first you have to make the clay itself.

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