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Influences:   NOTE: Moved all my songs to soundcloud since the FAWM file hosting was giving people trouble with playing songs. Biggest influences on my songwriting have been artists The Mountain Goats, Elliot Smith, Kevin Devine, and Death Cab for Cutie, as well as some more rock stuff like Arctic Monkeys, Pixies

Full time online fitness coach, part time songwriter. Trying to create a business/life that lets me do both!

Started playing guitar at 15-16 years old (31 now). The song that got me into it was Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into the Dark". Since then I've slowly come to find what things I like in songwriting and try to use them.

In general I try to focus on rhythm (via finding strumming patterns that make me feel some sort of reaction), dynamics, chords that push and pull things along (love 7th chords) and doing my best to keep improving my lyrics.

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats has been a huge influence in pretty much all of those areas, as well as in his prolific output which has made me realize how important practicing songwriting is. Along with this, I love the way he performs. He really seems to lose himself in his live performances and that's one of my favorite things about him and his music.


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  • @gnashattack  Feb 27

    Thanks for the love on "Damn The Man!"

  • @billwhite51 Feb 23

    in one way or another, i believe time is he central theme of alll poetry

  • @billwhite51 Feb 23

    "No secret dies in its grave // they all rise again in a holy wave." i like your line better than mine

  • @theodamus  Feb 21

    MOUNTAIN GOATS FRIEND! It’s so cool to find others with similar influences and see what they create 😀 thanks for coming to find me, thank you for your lovely comment on Birds. Glad I could come and listen to some of yours too it’s awesome and well done for crossing the finish line!

  • @gnashattack  Feb 17

    Hey yo, thanks for commenting on "Death-Defying." It's been my favorite to record thus far.

  • @opossum Feb 17

    Dear Jorge,

    Thank you for listening to my music! Your comments made me happy!

    Your pal,

  • @shanepalko Feb 15

    Hola desde Pennsylvania.

  • @jordandarl  Feb 14

    Hey, I didn't get your email and can't find it in the spam folder or anything, can you send it again or give me your email?

  • @jordandarl  Feb 12

    Hey thanks! That would be cool, I haven't done a collab before but I'd like to try.

  • @serene123  Feb 10

    Thanks for your comments on my song!! I was also v happy with it.. I'm going to listen to some of your other songs!!

  • @colgoo Feb 7

    I am glad that my melodic suggestion was in line with your own muse...I don’t often make suggestions on other people’s music or lyrics; but when I do, it really means a lot to me to have them gratefully accepted.

  • @jorh  Feb 7

    That was an impressively fast turnaround ha!! Don’t worry you posted it right so it’s on both of our pages now 😀 I love that you put your own stamp on it - i liked the little guitar solo in the middle (1:00 mark) and the melody was great on ‘I’ll cry for a man like you’ the little pause and drop on it was a very nice touch. I much prefer ‘the end of times’ line to my original as well. Thanks for collabing, I didn’t know it was your first one, deffo do some more it’s always my favourite part of FAWM creating with others 😀

  • @jorh  Feb 7

    It would be awesome to collab on ‘I won’t cry’. Glad you liked it 😀 also feel free to tweak/ add to lyrics of you want to as just a first draft! Would you rather me add you as a collab to original or would you prefer to post a new version?

  • @jorh  Feb 6

    Yeah good news they’re working one! Just checked out a few of your tracks - they’re sounding great! Your lyrics are on point 😀

  • @emilybrookeward Feb 6

    Hey! It’s still not letting me listen when I clicked the link ☹️ It may just be my phone though.

  • @dancrook Feb 5

    Bro I can’t listen even following that link...

  • @sourcedecay  Feb 5

    Putting direct links to the song files in liner notes for each song since several people have told me they've had issues playing some of the songs. Hope that fixes the issue!

  • @hazeyjane Feb 5

    I’ve tried a few times to play your songs but they start and then stop. 😞 So weird. It’s only yours, too; I can play everyone else’s!
    I will try tomorrow on a desktop.

  • @emilybrookeward Feb 5

    Thanks for listening to Jezebel and for your feedback! My phone is still not letting me download or play your songs for some reason so I’m gonna try on my computer when I get a chance! I’ve listened to some of the stuff on your sound cloud and you have an awesome voice!

  • @tawalker Feb 4

    Thanks for your soundboard comment 🙏 I'm still picking through The Mountain Goats' discography - I really like John Darnielle's "aesthetic" on the "boombox" recordings, though I've yet to find a specific album which really "grabs" me (I'll keep listening!). I'm definitely a fan of Iron & Wine (esp. his early stuff like "The Creek Drank The Cradle"), and "Bad Debt" by Hiss Golden Messenger is another album I'm listening to a fair bit at the moment. It's all going into the "stew" 😀

  • @tawalker Feb 4

    Thanks for your comment on "Healed By The River" 😀 I'll say this: it's partly autobiographical - during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK (March-May 2020), we were allowed out for one "constitutional" per day. My family and I live close to some fields and woods, and a river runs through the latter; my wife and I would walk the dog every morning before work/school, and we both now say the time by the river helped us stay focused on each other, and provided a kind of haven from what was going on in the wider world. I rather hope I've captured that feeling in the song... even if it's presented in allegorical terms 😀

  • @gm7  Feb 4

    Working on the music for leave your mark....getting closer
    A triple repeat line is always interesting

  • @sheslin  Feb 4

    Thanks for the listen and feedback on So Long!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Feb 2

    "I think the biggest thing we can do is ask ourselves where we've messed up and how we can improve. "

    Absolutely agree! My song "...Justice" is really about me looking at myself and inviting others along if they so desire. Lots of people aren't ready to make changes...because change is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Appreciate your kind words! Thanks!

  • @wacha  Feb 2

    Thank you so much for the kinds words on "Can't Escape"!

  • @sourcedecay  Feb 1

    @nahlej381 Thanks, but I have to admit I took the name from a song title by The Mountain Goats! Always sounded cool to me.

  • @nahlej381  Feb 1

    Also...source decay is a great name. Gets my inner audio geek immensely happy

  • @timothybracken Feb 1

    Thank you for the listen!

  • @nahlej381  Feb 1

    Much appreciated! Happy FAWM!

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 30

    Team Westallica