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Beckenham UK   Jan 2018

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Influences:   Byrds, Beatles, Faces, Stones, Motown, Mod, Stax, Who, GP, Big Star, Flamin' Groovies, Syd's Floyd, Bowie, T Rex, VU, plus all those people I love but you can't hear in my music

Rustic rock Rules, OK

London & Country, love & heartbreak, heaven & earth … songs by Peter Green (ex Hearts on Fire, Bluebird Blue) Putting down roots in a country of origin that looks like a dreamscape.

Trying to be lucky in love (fingers crossed) on England’s mountains green and with guitars a’twanglin under a Tennessee Orange sunburst

Where the radio brings the grown-up world from far to here….

Where California is a state of mind, just like in ‘Sweet Home Chicago’

Where dandylions shake their golden manes in the grass and mandylions (or mandolins?) twinkle starlike in a black denim sky.

Featured vocals by David Equality Watters ‘Never Blend in’ ; Phil Sherwood (bass); Dan Cooper (piano, Hammond organ & everything else).

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