smileymn 17


80020 US   Feb 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Col. Bruce Hampton, David Bowie, Marc Ribot, Wilco, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin, John Zorn, Nick Drake, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Fred Frith, Daniel Johnston, Dave Matthews, Phish

Colorado based jazz musician trying to write original art rock music.


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  • @dzdandcunfsd  1 day

    I'll put this here instead of filling up the forum with my diatribe on what constitutes "jazz" nowdays that will inevitably lead to taking any discussion away from your album there 🤣

    Great stuff! I can't say how refreshing it was to hear something not scripted into obvlivion or just a rehashing of some old standards and calling that jazz............ I'll never understand how jazz "standards" came about either, and how it was ever allowed to be put in a box, but I digress. I know why, I'll just never understand it. Anyway, really enjoying that album. I'm about halfway through now. Great stuff, enjoying everything about it.

  • @scottlake 7 weeks

    Hey fellow Coloradan! Colorado Springs here. Love the bass line in the Walk!