slowform 14


80215 US   Jan 2019  

Artist Bio

Influences:   charlesthefirst, truth, khiva, enigma dubz, clozee, bassnectar, the widdler, mad zach, tsuruda, shlump, yheti, to name a few..

Music has always been a huge part of my life, but I only started producing a year ago. Last year, I saw some talk about FAWM and made it a goal for myself to participate this time around.. so here I am 😀 Cannot wait to see where 28 days of hard work takes me!


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  • @jessi14  Feb 14

    Hi FAWMling, hope you are enjoying your FAWM! Six songs already. well done!

  • @slowform  Feb 5

    @andyt13 yes, thanks! working on getting it back up now.. but thank you! <3

  • @andyt13  Feb 5

    Hey your link to the arabic flute thing is busted for some reason. Listened to your soundcloud a bit tho. Sweet!

  • @lokimotive  Feb 4

    Happy FAWM!

  • @spiderhound1  Feb 3

    Hi @slowform - Happy FAWM! I can't wait to hear what you do this year!