Barcelona ES   Sep 2016

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Influences:   SeaGizzardJelinekPondTortoiseLabLloydProjectorsUnknownBeachBachSimonTa meTheeToddVinylKurtREMMOMMacKingHosonoFlasherFjordenCanBasilOrwellUpdi ke

When he was very young he got born, and then he sort of just kept going.


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  • @torsten  Feb 21

    Thanks a lot for your provoking comment! So, I wrote a Hannon-ish song, I'm pretty glad about it and about you making me write it. It's not finished and I'm sure nobody get's the first verse, but it has a promising scaffold. Cheers!

  • @billgathen  Feb 19

    Thanks for your nice comments on Stained Glass and Stars Underfoot! The sound you were asking about is the shimmer reverb with some modulation. The HOF2 has the expression pedal built into the footswitch and the sound is Preset 3 with the level turned all the way down, so it's essentially a regular volume pedal for both your dry and wet sounds. Chords of Orion did a great walkthrough, if you're interested:

  • @torsten  Feb 2019

    Thanks for your helpful comment! Yep, I worked on the phrasing, it did the song good. Will maybe try to re-record and sell it here as another FAWM song 😀
    I didn't know that Divine Comedy song before.
    P.S. Your soundcloud link doesn't work.

  • @misterd Feb 2019

    Thanks so
    Much for listening and kind words on my song ‘it lingers in my mind ‘.. I’m so glad that my song travelled all the way over ! I love Spain & Barcelona . I hope it’s not too long until I visit again . Thanks mate !

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019