Styles Dangerfield 16


Kennebunk, US   8 weeks

Artist Bio

Influences:   Spoon, Pat the Bunny, Shakey Grave, Alt J

1 song can change the world. I'm gonna write 10,000 just incase.

Current song #: 160

I'm also releasing an album every month this year. FAWM will definetly be one of them.

Check out the others I have released already!


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  • @nateger  7 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my 10x10! It's hard to know if any of those ideas are worth exploring further and I'm glad you think so!

  • @heliosonorous 7 weeks

    Thanks for your comment and listen. Much appreciated!

  • @tjeff  7 weeks

    Thx for commenting & taking a listen!