sight like a bee 5


Philly US   Feb 2015  

Artist Bio

Influences:   you..the world. ..good and evil.. .wanting. ..finding. ..having...hope

This is fun...I haven't been writing songs very much in the last many years...


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  • @danvaillancourt  Mar 5

    Many thanks for your comments. Say hello to Adeline for me. 😉

  • @frogspawn Mar 5

    Before they put me back into padded-cell hibernation, thank you for your comments on @pointlessaccount and my post-FAWM FAWM songs.. What we do is an interesting exercise, not always successful, but I'm glad to see, in a croaky sort of way, that So Hanged led to a certain, um level of discomfort. Something about it works then!

  • @heid Feb 25

    Howdy!! Thanks so much for commenting on pedestrian bridge and others 😀 I'm coming back for more of yours soon.

    You mentioned the idea of a collab, and yeah, I would be super down!

  • @lovina Feb 16

    Hey there! Hot damn I love your songs. Really great sound and lyrics! I'd love to do a collab with you. My email is if you'd like to chat about writing

  • @timfatchen  Feb 13

    So glad you were able to fix the mistaken edit! No, I haven't been to your house! Just fell into a bear trap. Other mods don't know how I did it either. I should wear an "L" plate.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 13

    I'm really really sorry but I've accidentally written over your comment fro and I can't reverse my error. Can you remember what you said on the song? (Why did you bury me only two feet down) and I'll re-edit with a grovelling apology.

  • @nahlej381  Feb 13

    Appreciate that!