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Beloit USA   Jan 2010  

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Influences:   People and Places and Stuff and Things.

This particular prettyful pixie was born in a taxicab on the way to the Olympics, but never got there, not quite. Feeling left behind by greatness, they took up competitive rollerskating. When those dreams were shattered, they tumbled into the life of a starving artist and free-range creatrix.

FAWM 2010 marked their first fortnight (ever) owning a ukulele, their first week (ever) actually playing it, their first month (ever) even thinking about making music, and their first try (ever) at actually doing it.

FAWM 2011 found their having spent a year learning to play and making little songs, and they've made a whole bunch. They aren't very good songs! But they are songs, and more music in the world is always a good thing.

FAWM 2015 opens onto their FIFTH year here, still feeling just as shy and blushful and as ever, and just as eager for connexion and communion with other music-makers.
FAWM 2018 finds this same pixie older, hardly wiser, but certainly better at rollerskating. A new delight in roller derby has created a new love of bruises to show off to people. There might be a song or two this yeah, that’s the dream at least! Lyrics are the easy thing, the good thing, that thing that comes sweet and easy. Music, well friends make lovely musics, that’s why collaboration is so wonderful.

They adore collaboration, idea-sharing and artistic hookups of all sorts, so don't be afraid to propose an idea! If nothing else, they’re eager and excited to hopefully reconnect with much beloved old friends and maybe make some new ones!

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