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Influences:   Anything that makes me laugh, cry, or feel anything....and my FAWMily!

Year 11

My music is mostly bluesy-jazzy, with some Django thrown in. I like to mix it up with a little comedy now and then

Love collabs and skirmishes.

Last summer I discovered a new passion. I started painting dot mandalas.

I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones.
I hope to be productive in both, as paint has to dry in between:)
I will show up Feb 1, tabula rasa and see what happens!


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  • @barbara  Mar 8

    Hi Sherry, I thank you for your thoughts on 'Not Broken' and for your caring thoughts just for me. I'm pretty pleased with the way things developed for me this time, and letting it be very different was both uncomfortable and eventually kind of freeing. I'm sorry I haven't listened near enough yet; I seem to have a part-time job (mainlining MSNBC) on top of my full-time job, so it's been a struggle to create as much as I want and also take in all the treasures around us here! Not dead yet, though!

  • @sunnymae  Mar 7

    Hey Sherry!
    I'm so glad you got a kick out of my Whimsical wackadoo bad hombres! I had so much fun doing that and it was great to get out of my system. Thank G-d for music or I don't know how else I'd have been dealing these last few years!

  • @zecoop  Mar 6

    Solid is good... Congrats on your solid FAWM!

  • @lanasolyluna Mar 6

    Hi there! If you want to find my music stuff on Facebook you can look for Santa Dharma or my solo page Holly Lanasolyluna. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments. I'm sorry I'm so behind with listening. Work and life have been hectic.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 5

    Yes, I’m also pleased! It is nice to connect with you!

  • @zecoop  Mar 5

    OK, I'm jumping into the conversation - I felt like i didn't get a chance to have the same kind of conversations I had in past years (and missed it), but it was mostly my own fault because I just went insane with my writing. Same deal as Rob, I wrote a ton of songs, listened to a ton of songs, commented on a ton of songs and participated in the forums a ton. But, whenever I have a song idea I generally try to go with it and don't stop the flow, and that just kept happening. I have more and more people I want to collaborate with each year (and yes, you are on my list!!), and I just couldn't get to everyone this year and complete the crazy ideas for experiments I had as well. It was a different year for connecting, but still a great year. I always love you music and also love the conversations, so I'll need to try to balance that more next year. Of course luckily, we can always continue to catch up the rest of the year. πŸ˜€

  • @guatecoop  Mar 5

    Yeah, isn’t that a strange feeling?!? This almost felt like a transitional year with some fading and others rising. I was completely β€œin” and pretty much did what I always do....14 + songs, collabs, some challenges, 300 comments.....but still a strange year. Same for you?

  • @estheraleida Mar 4

    Thanks a lot for your nice comments! It's really nice to hear a lot of creativity and jazz in your work!

  • @acousticmaddie  Mar 4

    Thank you so much for the kind words on Bosses song)

  • @cts  Mar 3

    Congrats on the win, Sherry! Always a pleasure to get with you on a song. I hope you're around for 50/90.

  • @philkmills  Mar 1

    Yes, my shed thing was intentionally riffing on Come On In My Kitchen. Glad it was recognizable. πŸ˜€

  • @mikeb Mar 1

    Thanks for the listen and comment on my shed song!

  • @matthew62  Mar 1

    Thanks for listening and commenting on Geometry. Much appreciated.

  • @barbara  Mar 1

    Thank you so much for your many comments, Sherry! I will be sticking around to listen and comment; it's been harder to carve out the time during February this year.
    'Here on my own' was kind of a composite experience. I lost my mom last March, but lost her much more so in the five years of her dementia leading up to it, so her death was in some ways just another increment, a quiet loss. So it's been a process of having remembrances of her as she used to be now arise, and she's not here, but I'm more 'with' her than I was able to be while she was here and incapacitated. I've lost two pets since then also, one of which was in fact recent. But it's about the missing, the fondness, the remembering, and the odd aloneness of continuing on, even while we're all marching the same direction, so there's a dash of midlife angst thrown in. And maybe a bit of midlife wisdom.

  • @cts  Mar 1

    Hi there! Glad you liked it. There was so much that I wanted to do, but of course I was running out of time. Perhaps we can clean it up some more down the line, but thanks again for the collab. I'll be back for commenting but right now I really need to rest! Thanks again, hon!

  • @iwilleatyou Mar 1


  • @iwilleatyou Feb 28

    HA! Is phone sex even still around?? I figure nowadays it's text sex.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 28

    thanks- will definitely check out your stuff! , just been busy as you can see writing a whole bunch! thanks again!

  • @judypie  Feb 27

    ~Hey Sherry! Thanks so much for your comments πŸ˜€ I was scratching my head for ages thinking 'Pete.. Pete...?' Hahahah Ad had to tell me who you meant (we just call him iwilleatyou in my house) 😝
    I look forward to lending your music my ears now that I have no more writing to do 😁

  • @petemurphy  Feb 27

    Hiya Sherry, I'm really sorry but I've got absolutely nothing left in me. I'm pretty frazzled, both mentally and physically. I was talking to Lyns about it last night. I don't think it's from doing the music / FAWM stuff, not sure if I'm coming down with something. Sorry to let you down, but when I was trying to write something yesterday and the chords were blurring and I couldn't even tell what I was doing, I decided that I was done with writing and recording for a few days. Hope all is good with you.

  • @thetau  Feb 26

    I sent you the MP3 mix via email you can post it here at FAWM

  • @zecoop  Feb 26

    Thanks for listening... yes that was me singing. Three songs this year so far, actually, and I try to sing a few every year for my dad's lyrics. My first year was all songs that I sang. I prefer doing music, but every once in a while..... πŸ˜€

  • @jonmeta  Feb 26

    Sherry, definitely. Let's do it! I'm a big fan of your voice.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 26

  • @petemurphy  Feb 21

    Sherry! I just told Lyns how ace your punk song is. She wants to listen to it later this evening. Love it!

  • @timfatchen  Feb 17

    Sherry did you get the song links? (email) Did they work?

  • @abudabard12514  Feb 2019

    Thanks for reading so deeply into my song about Hats, Sherry! I appreciate you taking some actual time with it and I'm looking forward to hearing your creations!

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2019

    Ha! Thanks Sherry. Cwtch is a Welsh word meaning 'cuddle' or 'hug'.

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 2019

    Hi there! I already have someone working on a female vocal for that track, but thanks for considering doing it!

  • @timfatchen  Feb 2019

    As we're both simultaneously awake,ref collab, sherry did you get the second link? the original one totally lacked the backing!! do you want sheet music? (lead sheets, pdf)

  • @jonmeta  Feb 2019

    Thank you for being so encouraging!

  • @acromie  Feb 2019

    Thank you so much for your comment on Barnyard Jig! I'm working with someone now, hopefully we'll have an updated version soon!

  • @hummingbear Feb 2019

    Thanks for your comments on Indigo Eyes - it turned out really well with @bmoscovitz 's music. So much fun to have my lyrics come to life.

  • @barbara  Feb 2019

    Hi Sherry, thanks for your thoughts about Never Settle. I'm glad to hear it resonated with you. If you were to have any interest in bringing it to life musically, I'd be all for it... I don't see myself making a demo, so if it speaks to you, feel free! If not, no worries of course.

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2019

    Thanks Sherry, for stopping by. And absolutely if you see a lyric you like, I would be honored to have you put music to it!

  • @oddaustin  Feb 2019

    Oh, interesting. They sound rather authentic. Good work mixing them in then.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 2019

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 2019

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my song "Vagrant Sea", I really appreciate it!!

  • @valeriecox  Feb 2019

    Looks like I'm having some kind of email server issue. It says it hasn't been able to connect since early this afternoon. Try send it to valcoxmusic at yahoo instead.

  • @valeriecox  Feb 2019

    Hey Sherry. When did you send that email? I don't see it in my box.

  • @oddbod  Feb 2019

    Hey thanks for the mention in the recommended thread Sherry. Appreciate it.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 2019

    Sherri, thanks for your comment on "No More Money". The major chord at the end was an accident. I didn't even notice until you and someone else did. As you may know, that would be a Picardy Third. Thanks for listening.

  • @thetau  Feb 2019

    How are you with Reggae? I sent you an email, with the details

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 2019

    Well aaaaaaaalrighty then! I'll get to work and get back to you. Give me a few days. Merci. πŸ˜€

  • @bking  Feb 2019

    Hi Sherry, I'm a bit late but I made it. Glad to see you.

  • @sheilerk  Feb 2019

    Hi Sherry, Thanks for your comments. 😊
    I’ve moved to Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. It’s a small artists community, previously more of a fishing village, in the Lakeside area right on Lake Chapala, about a 46 minute drive from Guadalajara. Wonderful weather, friendly people, beautiful flowers and color and music everywhere. I’m loving it!

  • @treble  Feb 2019

    Thanks for your comments on Too Much Junk. Amazon Prime is one of my primary junk, I mean stuff I can't live without, sources too LOL.

  • @audrey  Feb 2019

    Hi Sherry. Happy FAWMing to you too. πŸ˜€

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 2019

    Collaboration mandatory. This time....YOU sing πŸ˜‰

  • @jamkar  Feb 2019

    Hellooo Sherry! Enjoy FAWM!

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2019

    Sherry! You are a brilliant and beautiful person and musician. Glad to be in your company for the next few weeks!

  • @roddy  Feb 2019

    Good to se you here. Bill Baillie - what's happening to home do you think/. Could be caught up in some #MeToo scandal, in prison or posting nonsense on Facebook to win back his ex! All are possible, lets see what we can come up with!

  • @susyblue  Feb 2019

    Hi Sherry, nice to see you back looking forward to some sweet Django inspired tunes!

  • @jonmeta  Feb 2019

    Hey Sherry, I'm glad to see you're back. Have a great month. I'm looking forward to hearing what the muses bring you.

  • @sheilerk  Feb 2019

    Hi Sherry! Looking forward to hearing those great pipes of yours on some new songs!

  • @sunnymae  Feb 2019

    Hey Sherry!! we go again. I have NO idea what my muses have in store for me this year, but I'm just showin' up! xxS

  • @heavyhedonist Feb 2019

    Great to hear from you! We CAN get out the door, but with the negative wind chill temps, we aren't interested in even opening the door.

    See you later, sweets.

  • @corinnecurcio Feb 2019

    Hiya Sherry - Happy Fawming!

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 2019

    Yay Sherry!

  • @barbara  Feb 2019

    Hi there! It's lovely to see you here already! Your new hobby sounds cool; any pix posted somewhere?

  • @donna  Jan 2019

    Hope you have a great FAWM, Sherry. πŸ˜€

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2019

    Hi Sherry, thank you, Happy FAWM!!! Yes, will be awesome to collaborate.

  • @thetau  Jan 2019

    Hi Sherry,
    I've got you on my Dance Card. Early on.. so we can actually finish one this year.
    Russ πŸ˜€

  • @wyatt  Jan 2019

    Glad to see you Sherry, so far Im drawing a complete blank---I may have neglected Musey too long this time , I'll see what happens when things get going, I'll be around anyway

  • @cts  Jan 2019

    Oooh! So good to hear from you! How are you?

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 2019

    have a great february!!! great to see ya back here!

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2019

    Hello, hello! Looking forward to hearing your Djangoing and other musication this FAWM! πŸ˜€

  • @zecoop  Jan 2019

    Hi there Sherry!! So glad to see you again here, and yes... FAWM helps me forget the stupid temps, lol. (but a 60 degree temp swing from this morning to Sunday/Monday.) Wheeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

  • @wolfkier Jan 2019

    Thanks for the lovely greeting. Wishing you a happy FabFeb, my friend. Bring yummy stuff.

  • @nancyrost  Jan 2019

    This is going to be fun!

  • @klaus  Jan 2019

    [ singing in his most highest of falsettos: ] She-eer-ryyy...Sherry Baby...She-eer-ryyy...Sherry Baby!

    Hope you have a First-class Fawm 2019. πŸ˜€

  • @barbara  Jan 2019

    Knock, knock?
    Time to play!!

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @timfatchen  Jan 2019

    Are we gonna try again??

  • @jwhanberry  Jan 2019

    Hi Sherry. Looking forward to hearing you again this year.

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 2019

    Fine wine is authentic vintage. Yum. πŸ˜‰
    Êtes-vous prΓͺt Γ  faire de la musique?

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 2019

    OH SHERRY...let's get the party started...

  • @oddbod  Jan 2019

    Hey Sherry, good to see you here