shelleymiller 5


Chicago US   Feb 2009  

Artist Bio

Influences:   dark chocolate, snow, sun, life, death, glitter, vegan mac & cheese, friends, family, sweet surprises.


"Incognito Seething Rocker"
--Expository Magazine

Singer, songwriter, rocker, yogi, music teacher, charming and totally fearless (except for when freaking out). Player of many instruments. Wearer of much odd fashion.

For 2011's FAWM, Shelley challenged herself to write a song a day...and she did, for 3 weeks straight...on banjo, piano, guitar, melodica, and whatever else she could find (it helped that Chicago got buried in snow on February 2nd). 10 of those 21 songs made it onto her 2012 album "February".

For this year's FAWM...who knows?

"Listening to her is like pulling up a pair of very, very soft faded jeans over bare skin."

--Les Reynolds,