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Orlando US   Feb 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Ed Sheeran, Tori Amos, Alan is Morrisette, Tracy Chapman, Elton John, Sheryl Crow, Nikki Giovanni

Shadow is a one woman, rock and roll medicine show, carrying 3 octaves and 6 strings to spew spoken word and massive melodies to fan the flames that fuel the fire.


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  • @dandrea Feb 21

    Thank you for your comment on "Up in the Morning", WOW, a Bowie comparison!?!? I can die happy now. I would definitely consider him a big influence for that character. Thank you for listening. : )

  • @ustaknow Feb 8

    Hey there, I appreciate you having a listen and commenting, - " Alt​-​left; Sounds Like, What it Isn’t "

    Sometimes I explain in the "Liner Notes" section, this time I didn't.

    This and many others are based upon what I call πŸ˜€ Morning-mourning News Writes; so I spend typically writing in flow of thought, usually about 5 mins, and this is what comes out, - of course through my "brain filter" πŸ˜€ - then tweeked for music when musicated.

    When I write, if even within a banding of "socio-political" realm/topic, I try to be like, how I am. And, that actually puts some of the more political folks off "here", and etc. other, to long for "here" to explain. They have a cause to "fight", - I just got my music for - "all"? Maybe? But anyway, for me, it's all about the music, -- a big deal to me, in my life but just a "hobby" only. However, being open/blunt is just how I am, if even within that, "what side is he on"? issue some have πŸ˜€ "here", etc. - No sides, not "here".

    -- So, you describing as you did, for me, is a great compliment, - thank you.

    Nothing "here's", "personal", fully open for dissection, and feedback; but some may think so (is personal), and not comment πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ 😝 oh, well. I can only repeat it so many times - do feedback-comment. These are white-canvases with just a little paint on them πŸ˜€

    So, like about 4 or 5 folks within these "groups", and these groups are all very incestuous πŸ˜€ hahhh, anyway, ... pays attention to me, or others as they/we find them.

    The more serious "writers" and just for ourselves, not "fame", - find each other; and so it goes.

    As I tell new to FAWM folks, - it takes about *two years, like in real life to see what's what. But there is far less of trying to be "famous" and just being a good writer here. The other stuff is left outside; at least at my level/niche.

    - So, again, thanks and just figured you like to know that.

    Check out the folks who comment on my stuff, - they're on the same page probably as you too.

  • @fourzeroes  Feb 4

    Thank you. Yes, it's a completely factual lyric.

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 3

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on SMoke in his beard

  • @deonnek  Feb 2

    Love your bio @shadow1! Looking forward to hearing your songs.