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46201 US   Jan 2014  

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Influences:   Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, fiction, tragedy, rejection, heartache

Back for year EIGHT as Mass Love! (How?!)

My eighth FAWM experience is, yet again, an online collaboration with @mdavisto. We met on reddit many years ago and have done a few things since, including three full length albums and a fourth on the way, all written during FAWM. Working around our busy schedules and the time zone difference between the states and South Africa has been quite the challenge over the years, but it's been incredibly rewarding and fun, and I wouldn't be the musician I am today without our experiences.

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A little about me: INFJ
I've been calling myself an "online studio vocalist". For the past 15 years or so I've been collaborating globally from my own studio in Indianapolis, IN. I have lots of dogs (I raise and rear Silken Windhounds - look them up, they're AMAZING <3), and own a dog grooming salon, but would much rather be a world-touring, royalty-earning, mega pop-star, duh. Right now I have a real fondness for 80's pop, top 40 hip hop, and a soft spot for EDM.