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Artist Bio

Influences:   music

I make things.

I prefer if you keep my name in all lower case (sci, not Sci), but it's ok if you forget, or didn't know.

this year, FAWM 2021: idk what I'm doing yet. might make a few songs. we'll see.

a brief history:
FAWM 2013 was great
FAWM 2014 was a bust
FAWM 2015 was at least half decent
FAWM 2016 was a rough time in my life.
FAWM 2017 existed, i think?
FAWM 2018 was slow, but had some fun experiments
FAWM 2019 i didnt really plan to do anything, but did something anyway. mostly experimental stuff.
FAWM2020 i made three songs. life got in the way, as it does.
FAWM2021: banger.

tags I'm following:
#odd-time-signature ✔️
#prog / #prog-rock ✔️
#funk / #disco ✔️
#hip-hop / #triphop / #glitch-hop
#trap / #bass


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  • @medievil 1 week

    Once again thanks for your comments. Don't worry about word salad. I guess they are healthy. 😉 The 90s chemical breaks comment really made me happy. Thank you.

  • @medievil 1 week

    And thank you very much for commenting on my track. 😀

  • @samplebandit  2 weeks

    replying to your comment on my "blog post"

    thanks for reading, means a lot to me that it wasnt just shouting into the void. i'm still around to check what my watchlist is up to, and i suck at commenting too so there's that 😁

  • @fluidvolt 4 weeks

    haha you did! i haven't dipped into sound canvas instruments in ages but your tunes planted a seed in my head. what you say about my drum programming comments surprised me a lil—my opinion has always been you had drums completely figured out!! i'm always learning from your approach to percussion

  • @jessespillane 4 weeks

    Thanks for stopping by for a listen and leaving a nice comment. I appreciate it!

  • @willyviste 4 weeks

    Thank's for your comment. Appreciate the response:)

  • @sciren  4 weeks

    So good to see you here again! I'll be listening! FAWM 2021, go go!

  • @samplebandit  4 weeks

    thanks for letting me know about the comment tagging workaround, i was hoping it'd work by now but apparently not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • @adforperu  7 weeks

    hey man, hope you're around