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Las Vegas US   Jan 2018


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Influences:   Eclectic mix of Beatles, Elvis, Motown, Disco, Stevie Nix, Leonard Cohen, Devil Doll, anything with a beat.

Grew up near the beach in Southern California with a book in one hand and a transistor radio in the other. Wrote my first song with a childhood friend and we called ourselves the Screamie Birds. After a Silicon Valley technical writing career burnout, I started writing novels and then returned to my first love - music. This love for music became clearer after meeting my father and his musical side of the family later in life. So now I’m writing songs, practicing the keys, and having a blast learning everything I can about music production.

I earned a certificate in Music Production and use Logic Pro X, Apple Loops, keyboard some synthesis, and program some beats. Paul Simon said that it’s the sound that drives him more than chords or lyrics. I have to agree. I come by this biologically. As my father said when I met him, “All my kids play the drums.”

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