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Rochester, US   Oct 2015  

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Influences:   Currently on a big Paul Simon kick (happens ever couple years).

producer / pianist / singer-songwriter / composer currently residing in Rochester, NY, originally from New England.

Just released a song I wrote back in FAWM 2017!

Most recent album (released May '19) included a FAWM '17 song (in fact, it became the title track). Pretty darn proud of the album, you can check it out here:

While I'm writing all year long, I've decided to really commit this month to FAWM... have some commissioned songs I need to get through, and top priority is a new project/concept album I'm working on of songs dedicated to lost species. Also I'm just pretty jazzed to write some shitty songs. And maybe also turn a bunch of little scraps of tunes I have into more fleshed out songs. ALSO co-writing. Anyone who wants to co-write, I'm DOWN.


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