samsorrow 14


Vermont US   Jan 2010  

Artist Bio

I live and work in Vermont. I am married and my wife graciously allows me the time and space and encouragement to participate in these musical challenges. She plays trumpet which I think is very cool.
I am a wood worker, I make art, tables and assorted things out of scrap wood.
I play guitar and sing. Mostly shortacoustic punk songs. I stumbled on a busted drum set that I finally started learning to play. It has no cymbals yet but it may make an appearance on a track or two. When it comes to recording I have a pretty low tech set up but i get my point across I guess.
This might be my 9th fawm? I have made it to 14 every year but one. I was distracted. I look forward to a February full of music and madness.


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  • @hoppiern  Mar 3

    Thanks so much for your comments on “One Minute More”. Looking forward to listening to your songs!!

  • @andygetch  Mar 1

    Congratulations on crossing the finish line!

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 1

    Or throw me another short lyric and I will try something. I can’t seem to write short and concise!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 23

    Hey, I'm gonna be out of touch for the rest of FAWM, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your awesome music this February!

  • @downfallroad  Feb 4

    Hey! I'm looking forward to hearing what you write this FAWM!

  • @nuj4x Jan 30

  • @odilongreen  Jan 29

    As always, I'm tremendously looking forward to hearing whatever you come up with. I'm really hoping you're around this year!

  • @max  Jan 23

  • @andygetch  Jan 21

    Hi Brighid. Looking forward to hearing your music!

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2019

    Have a great FAWM!!
    I always like your stuff!!!