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US   Jan 2018

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Influences:   Actress, Laurel Halo, Honnda, Fire-Toolz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Fennesz, SOPHIE + PC Music, Aphex Twin, Objekt, Tim Hecker, Clark, Ryoji Ikeda, Belbury Poly, cyriak, naïve art • Game OSTs: Terraria, BEMANI series, Katamari series, Rayman series, original Spyro trilogy, Undertale • Explore those and more here, and try not to skip what you don't like yet:

Pronouns: I͏͞͝t͏̢̕/̷̢̀͡i̶̡̡t̴̴̸́͡ş̴́͟.̸̨

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I procrastinate 24/7 with cartoons, games, music, and weirdness. Maybe I'll stop long enough to create half of a track.


2018: Shot for 10 songs, with only minor concessions to effort expenditure. Made it to 7 songs, with a combined length of 27 minutes. Also contributed to an outside Exquisite Corpse and left something else unfinished. Kinda took a physical toll on me. Want to avoid that.

2019 goal: 35 minutes to meet the RPM Challenge goal, and/or just 5 songs so it comes out to more than one per week. Might be a good idea to experiment with longer-form soundscapes? Lately, I've felt like I ought to give some rest to my habits of cramming ideas and forced variations into the most concise songs I can manage, and filling in every space I think something can fit in.

Might also consider retouching last year's FAWM tracks. I've been tracking my thoughts on how to improve them, and FAWM 2019 seems like a fine excuse to stop putting off the tinkerin'.

(Made it to 5 songs, 24 minutes, no retouching, still crammy)

2020: I feel like I need to take a step back and really think about what would compel me to make a proper album. I hope to accomplish anything around this time. Let's see...

(Oh, great timing, a music competition asking for entry exclusivity is taking place elsewhere this February. That'll cut into album makin'.)

2021: I tried making an album in mid-2020. It sucked. Albums suck. Albums are bad and you're a bad person if you ever even remember the title of one. Even something as simple as the numbered entry in a long-running pop compilation series you're thinking of right NOW!, you bad person, you.

About to consider Newgrounds my new main sound place:

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