The Serviettes 12


Chatham GB   Jan 2011  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Jonathan Bree, Matt Maltese, Timber Timbre, Karen O/Danger Mouse, Superorganism, Francoise Hardy, Eels, Tom Waits, Low, David Sylvian, Goldfrapp, Brecht/Weill, James Blake, Mel Torme, Bjork, Benjamin Clementine, Serge Gainsbourg, Kero Kero Bonito, Dagmar Krause, David Bowie, Beatles, Portishead, Scott Walker, Jacques Brel, SFA, La Femme, The Unthanks, Pulp, Mitski, Big Thief, Courtney Barnett, Charles Mingus, BC Camplight, Sufjan Stevens, John Barry, Chamber Pop, Lounge, Ye-ye, Surf, 60s Pop, Psychedelia, Tropicalia.

EDIT: I released a new track at the end of January on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc


This year I celebrate a decade of FAWMing or 28% of my life, if you inexplicably prefer.

I've not had the busiest year musically. I did release an EP in September. Other than that, I've been putting the finishing touches to my second album.

I did discover how time consuming making music videos can be though:

I had fun last year writing uptempo, funky stuff but I think I'm gonna slow it down a bit this year and go for more of a noir-ish, torch song style. I've also got an idea for a song cycle percolating in the back of my brain and one for a sci-fi krautrock side project, so who knows what will come out!

I feel like I was a bit lax last year as far as commenting was concerned, so I'll be making a concerted effort on that front this time around.

Check out some other Fawmers hailing from the Jewel of the Garden of England...Medway:Β 


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  • @jeyemusik 4 days

    Thanks for your feedback on both my tracks. Really appreciate you taking the time to listen and to give your comments. Also, super-pleased that you enjoyed them!

  • @balk 1 week

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I've been in love with Sufjan Stevens since I was a Freshman in high school, so I take that as a complement of the highest order 😁

  • @teapot 1 week

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments! So awesome πŸ‘

  • @ampersandman  1 week

    Thanks for all the listens! Much appreciated!

  • @uonfsofficial 1 week

    Thank you for your kind words on our national anthem!

  • @petedc 2 weeks

    Thanks for your comments and advice for a FAWM newbie, much appreciated!

  • @tjeff  2 weeks

    Thanks for dropping by, listening & commenting! Much appreciated!

  • @owl  2 weeks

    Thank you for the comments! as you know, I love Big Thief so the comparison is a lovely compliment!

  • @msisto 2 weeks

    Thank you for the kind words on my track "The Superb Owl"! It means so much πŸ™. Added you to my watch list, and will come back tonight to listen!

  • @teapot 2 weeks

    Woah, that's a massive compliment re Joni Mitchell. Thanks sooooo much! Thanks for always giving me lovely feedback πŸ˜€

  • @billgcaldwell  3 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on my song "Stay Forever" I showed my age on that particular lyric. Hmmm.

  • @piney  3 weeks

    Thank you for your lovely comment

  • @owl  3 weeks

    Thank you for commenting on "Squid Linguistics"! I am also excited for a new Dune. I just made an edible sandworm a few weeks back for a classic Dune viewing party!

  • @fonte  3 weeks

    Yes I am back! You are back! This is great! Looking forward to hearing you this year!!

  • @kavokei 3 weeks

    Thanks for your message. Now those are some influences! Have a great FAWM 2020, looking forward to hearing what you create.

  • @tomski  3 weeks

    Fill my ears will nasty fuzz guitars and lyrics about murder!

  • @antlion 3 weeks

    I am!! good to see ya and can't wait to hear what you come up with!

  • @wolfkier 4 weeks

    Thanks for your warm hello! Wishing you a happy fecund FabFeb20! Bring yummies!

  • @cts  4 weeks

    All the best to you this FAWM!

  • @meriamber  4 weeks

    Thank you for your message! And all the best for a most wonderful FAWM for you too!!

  • @thelowestbitter  4 weeks

    Hey! Thanks for the message, have a great FAWM πŸ˜€

  • @jackketch 4 weeks

    Hello mate, thanks for remembering me! Yes I will be back, have a few ideas percolating. Perhaps an East Anglian concept album of weird supernatural stuff and legends. We will see!

  • @mdavisto  4 weeks

    Hi @sailingmagpie. Have a lovely fawm.

  • @jamesstaubes  4 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words! We'll see what happens. πŸ˜€

  • @fuzzy  5 weeks

    Hey, have a great tenth FAWM!

  • @santadharma 5 weeks

    Hello, hello!! Welcome back πŸ˜€ We're here...let's see what we can make! Looking forward to hearing your tracks.

  • @oddaustin 5 weeks

    Aah, thanks. Same to you.

  • @oddbod  5 weeks

    Hmmm, the only other member of my gang is the mrs.
    She is pretty handy with a cake slice mind..

  • @oddbod  5 weeks

    Hey up
    I think it depends what side of the Medway you are. According to the map (see link) you’re just east (Man of Kent) and I’m west (Kentish Man) but whatever, have a great one

  • @fearlessflight2014  5 weeks

    Have a great tenth FAWM @sailingmagpie ! πŸ˜€

  • @petemurphy 5 weeks

    Hiya! Thanks for the message. I hope you have a great February, and I hope all is well with you.

  • @johnstaples  5 weeks

    Hiya! Hope you have a wonderful FAWM 2020!

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    2011 fistbump... πŸ˜€
    can't wait to hear what you bring this year...

  • @elesimo  5 weeks

    Happy FAWm, @sailingmagpie! Looking forward to more of your songs this yerar!

  • @balancelost  5 weeks

    I think you missed Pulp out of your list of influences.

  • @piney  5 weeks

    Thank you, Happy 2020 FAWM πŸ˜€

  • @owl  5 weeks

    Have a wonderful FAWM!

  • @mikedebenham  5 weeks

    Noirish sci-fi torchsong krautrock it is, then. Welcome back!

  • @splittybooms  5 weeks

    Good ol' Kevin. Been thinking of changing it for the new Fawn season.
    Looking forward to hearing your stuff, too

  • @joshbelville  5 weeks

    You as well! Happy FAWMing!

  • @judypie  5 weeks

    Good tips, good tips! Amma gonna Tom Waits it up πŸ˜ƒ Hope you have a fun one!

  • @cynthiawolff  5 weeks

    Looking forward to hearing you in 2020...
    Let’s raise the vibration!!!

  • @headfirstonly  5 weeks

    Hey Dan - good to hear from you. I'm looking forward to hearing new stuff from you!

  • @vomvorton  5 weeks

    I'm sure my one-track mind will also insist upon some catcore at some point! Looking forward to whatever you come up with, especially if the sci-fi krautrock comes to fruition!

  • @sph  5 weeks

    Also looking forward what you will present. Nice video!

  • @balancelost  5 weeks

    You bet I will, boy howdy

  • @downburst  5 weeks

    I just watched your video. It's great, very stylish visuals and hauntingly spare music. Have a great FAWM.

  • @tjeff  5 weeks

    Thanks for touching base! Glad to see you again.

  • @teapot 5 weeks

    Awwww, how lovely. Thanks for remembering me! It will be ace to hear your music again too πŸ˜€

  • @adforperu  5 weeks

    Ah glad you're back man. Yeah, meeting Pete was pretty crazy but it would have been silly not to! Good taste πŸ˜‰ I know there's not one on record, but we added masses of orchestration to the ending, it was wild.. there'll be a pro video released of it soon I think

  • @spikedirection 6 weeks

    Welcome back sir! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with 😁

  • @balancelost  6 weeks

    In the words of Cameo, word up.