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Black Fore DE   Jan 2011


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Influences:   classical music from Perotinus to Arvo Pärt, Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Nightwish [with Tarja Turunen], Van Canto, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir), some Goth music, people who have seen Earth from outer space, and my friends the incredible Singvøgel

I'm a repeat offender - 2021 is my 11th FAWM! My pronouns are they/them. She/her is fine, too!

Classically-trained mezzo-soprano, musicologist by training, opera school dropout, guitar dabbler, maker of weird electronic sounds.

Goals for this year: unbridled experimentation and creativity!

I'm committing to #no-apologies-no-excuses this year - you're welcome to remind me of that if you catch me self-deprecating or making excuses for imperfect demos. I'm feeling self-conscious about a lot of things, but FAWM is not the place for that 😀

I was infected with the madness back in 2011 by my friends @Karan, @dukemeyer and @sentense. Greetings to my friends @wurzelfrau & @lastfuture and special smooches to my honeybunch @willoww!

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