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Black Forest DE   Jan 2011


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Influences:   classical music from Perotinus to Arvo Pärt, Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Nightwish [with Tarja Turunen], Van Canto, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir), some Goth music, people who have seen Earth from outer space, and my friends the incredible Singvøgel

I'm a repeat offender - 2020 is my 10th FAWM! My pronouns are she/her. They/them is fine, too!

Classically-trained mezzo-soprano with long choir and some soloist experience, musicologist (and German philologist) by training, opera school dropout, experimenting on my guitars (concert - got some years of lessons way back in my teenage years, forgot a lot - and Western - autodidact), have tried to learn the piano for some years and forgotten most of it again. Occasionally making noise on a cheap ukulele, too.

Due to work reasons and my old PC breaking, I fell off the Linux wagon 😞 I will have to adapt to the Windows music software ecosystem, which probably means my recordings will be even less polished than they used to be. But there is also the chance that I revive my old Linux workstation.

Default output mode: --verbose.

Can sing in German (including Middle High German), Latin, Italian, French, Quenya, Ancient Greek (although with some help) and English.
I can (as proven in the last FAWMs) make lyrics in German, English, Italian, Latin and Quenya, but usually, English comes to me most easily.

If you want me to sing your lyrics, please keep them free of explicitly male-female romance (unspecified genders are fine) and (monotheist or closed-tradition) religion (I'm not an atheist or anti-religious, it's just... complicated). I'll gladly sing queer, nerdy, science-y things.

I was infected with the madness back in 2011 by my friends @Karan, @dukemeyer and @sentense. Greetings to my friends @wurzelfrau & @lastfuture and special smooches to my honeybunch @willoww!

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