rwc 5


UK   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

This will be my fourth FAWM. I play ukuleles, guitars (mostly slide), and use soft synths. I have not managed to finish a song in the first two weeks yet - so I am hoping for a quicker start this year.

(He / his)


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  • @highmountain Mar 6

    Howdy, thanks for your comment! Guess Poe & Baudelaire was the best part. How do you beat that pair? But it gave me a strange satisfaction to drag out all these Frenchmen on the prairie... Fine stuff you've got here. But I miss written down lyrics. @rayboneor is right. It's always best to ingest the words in the same tempo as the music, but you can do that by avoiding looking at the text. Bad at making out sung English. Even got one place where I can't make out which words I, myself, is singing. But I recognized some Swedish in the samples! Gave me the warm feeling of belonging to a small secret cult. 😀

  • @princesssavania Feb 24

    Thank you for listening and commenting on ‘The Glint’ 😊