Rusty Perez 15


  Jan 2018  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Jesus, coffee, and Almost any music I hear. I've read several profiles and been excited about their influences, so I thought I'd list just a few here even though I honestly think it's too many to narrow. I grew up with a sister who was a teen in the 70s. Queen, Styx, Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson Brown, Beatles, Barry Mannilow, I was a teen in the 80s Men at Work, U2, XTC, Paul Simon, Anything on the radio Early Christian pop: Phil Keaggy, Leslie Phillips later: Christian music Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, female country artists like Allison Craus, Casey Chambers, Just so much more I can't even think of them. :)

Please feel free to contact me directly:

I am a singer / songwriter in Southern California.
I've been writing music since 1989 or so, but writing under the mistaken impression that I could only write a song when I was inspired. I'm just recently learning how to chase and court and flirt and beg and encourage inspiration.

I've been singing since I was 6 years old primarily in church.
I will try playing almost any instrument, but my main instruments are guitar and voice.


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  • @smudge  6 days

    @rustyp ! I didnt know you were here either! I hope it's been great for you! Im having a blast! I love FAWMERS 😀

  • @regis  1 week

    I think the baritone has only made it onto “(My Middle School Girlfriend’s) Wanted by the FBI” and “Denouement” so far (though that’s probably mainly consequence of maybe having *gasp* too many guitars?). This one is my first, and while there’s definitely fun in novelty alone, it’s nice to have more sonic options, increased range, and something with a different feel. I’d recommend getting your hands on one of you’re interested!

  • @andreasb 1 week

    thanks for listening and all your compliments, I really appreciate them. 😀

  • @susancantey  1 week

    Thanks for the info. I recently bought PreSonus and am having trouble figuring out how to add EQ and reverb. When I try, my loops sound exactly the same as before! I'll figure it out eventually I hope!!

  • @amelea 2 weeks

    Thanks for listening! Appreciate the support about self-production!

  • @nahlej381  3 weeks

    I’d love to collaborate on a song! I’ll start up some sketches...I’m pretentious sometimes...sorry.

  • @nahlej381  3 weeks

    Thanks for listening! I wish I could sing but all the punk rock and hip hop as a youngster really effected my vocals so now I rap and do spoken word lol or yell

    Trying to get some singing done this month but I hate my voice when I sing

  • @nahlej381  3 weeks

    Lol I’ve done the same thing, get it uploaded then double check the link to make sure I didn’t make a stupid, and notice I left 30 seconds before the track starts or muted a vocal. Always feels special lol

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  4 weeks

    Thank you for saying that Rusy! I don't want to promise any collabs yet, as I'm trying to do an entire album with Katie Dwyer. But who knows?

  • @andrewjtaylor  4 weeks

    You're absolutely right. Often the most valuable and necessary things are the most difficult to begin and seem the least necessary before beginning. I've definitely been reminded recently that "Sometimes we must force ourselves to start, and then momentum takes hold." With COVID and students being out for extended periods, they find themselves very reluctant to jump back in. If it were up to them, they wouldn't, and they'd be very much worse off for it. Thankfully it's not all up to us. We need each other. Part of why FAWM's so great. And because God's always faithful he often works mysteriously in each of us to be His hands and feet of encouragement.

  • @andrewjtaylor  5 weeks

    Hey Rusty! Just 1 week till FAWM!

    With all the turmoil since last FAWM, & especially since November, it's hard to feel quite as amped up about it.

    "Unnecessary creation" just feels a little less necessary than usual.

    But...the artists (music & video creators, especially) are arguably the most influential modern-day philosophers, & every day/week/month/year we spend honing our craft is a day/week/month/year invested in our contribution to culture.

    Hope you have a great Feb./FAWM, no matter how you spend it.