Rick Pasquier 9


Philadelph US   7 weeks

Artist Bio

Influences:   Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem, SBTRKT, Björk, Tricky, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen

Rick is taking a pause from a career as a corporate lawyer and pursuing academic and artistic interests. I am an amateur but serious about creativity and collaboration. I am blessed with freedom from the wage economy (for now).


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  • @tamsnumber4  1 week

    Thanks for commenting on my collab song "Reach For The Stars", I appreciate the listen!

  • @goldbay 4 weeks

    Thank you for your comment! I agree with you!

  • @rkeeling75 5 weeks

    In regards to your comment on my track "Chromatic Train Station", if it makes you feel any better I don't know what to think of it either. 😀

  • @rkeeling75 5 weeks

    As a refugee from the cooperate world (development) as well, and one that is spending this time in pursuit of personal growth, I understand where you are coming from completely.

  • @natrin 6 weeks

    Welcome to FAWM!

  • @jessi14  6 weeks

    It's lovely to hear you took some of from your "serious" life to join FAWM so you can be playful and creative! Enjoy!

  • @mikeb 6 weeks

    Thanks for the comments on '3000 Miles' - its rare when I DON'T include a bridge, which can be just as bad as never including one!

  • @frozenlonesome 6 weeks

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on Lof of Dough. Much appreciated.

  • @nuj4x 6 weeks