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Influences:   Radiohead, Beatles, John Lennon, ELP, E.S.T., Michael Franti and Spearhead, Rattletree Marimba, Metric, Daft Punk, The Doors, Wendy Carlos, Keith Jarrett, Steve Winwood, Bjork, Shannon Wright, Tom Waits, Mono, Peter Gabriel, Oceansize, Rachmanninoff, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach, etc

This is my 13th year doing FAWM. I look forward to this every year!

Thank you again and again, Burr Settles, for getting this thing off the ground and keeping it going for these many years.

I have many plans for this year's FAWM. Expect piano (mainly improvised), electronic, stuff with vocals, soundtrackish things... basically all manner of noises may happen here. I also have several other FAWM accounts, all of which I intend to be active in this year. There is also "nictesla((" (Mixed electronic, acoustic, maybe some vocals) and "teslator" (( mainly modular synthesis experimentation, probably just instrumental).

I'm definitely up for collaborations of any kinds. Musical, lyrics, whatever. And I want to do some of the various interesting challenges in the forums. Time will tell! At least this year we get 29 days and not just 28!

I wish all of you fawmers, old and new, the very best experience here! Make sounds! Make Music! I look forward to hearing it all!

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