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Influences:   Radiohead, Beatles, John Lennon, ELP, E.S.T., Michael Franti and Spearhead, Rattletree Marimba, Metric, Daft Punk, The Doors, Wendy Carlos, Keith Jarrett, Steve Winwood, Bjork, Shannon Wright, Tom Waits, Mono, Peter Gabriel, Oceansize, Rachmanninoff, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach, etc

This is my 12th year doing FAWM. I look forward to this every year.

Thank you again and again, Burr Settles, for getting this thing off the ground and keeping it going for these many years.

UPDATE 03-03-2019:
Unfortunately, my FAWM this year was cut short by the sudden death of my brother-in-law and then a few days later his son was shot to death. Then my brother-in-laws father had to be hospitalized for a serious condition as well. I just returned from visiting my sister, my nephew's wife, and other family members. We are slowly piecing ourselves back together, but it will be a long road. The very moments I found out about the deaths, I immediately went to the piano or electric piano. That's the only way I can sanely process things sometimes. So I have posted those tracks, in whatever form they came out; they represent my mind and spirit at that moment. I am grateful I have music for an outlet of my anger, sorrow, and regret, and other myriad feelings.

I had some projects I was working on, and what work I did manage to start, I have placed here, or in my alter-egos accounts in FAWM. i am also @nictesla (more electronic), and @teslator (electronic, using only a modular synthesizer).

Last year, I started a project / record based on the book "1984". I have continued to work on that project this year, so some of my FAWM entries that I posted were related to that. Mostly, except for the improvisations, I did not finish songs. They are all in some in-between state.

Peace, everyone, I hope to see you all next year.


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  • @vomvorton  1 week

    Thanks for the comments, Roy! Sorry to hear about the events of your February - harrowing and terrible. I hope you and your family are doing OK. I'll be back to check out some of your songs later.

  • @cts  2 weeks

    Congrats on the win. Dude - you've been quite busy I see!

  • @mikegtz  2 weeks

    Hi Roy, good to see you again. Listening to the sadness of Build It Up, Tear It Down now. Life is sometimes a little bit cruel.

  • @madeline 3 weeks

    Thanks for your kind note on "Stunned and Unraveled." I hope to share more music once I get a few more written. Trying to keep my eye on the prize and all that good stuff. 😀

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  4 weeks

    Black Light Blues was three people. One one guitar/vox, one on bass, one on drums. 😀

  • @ericdistad  4 weeks

    I'm sorry for your loss Roy!

  • @itoarazi 5 weeks

    *rushes into the door, dropping everything he's carrying* WHEW...sorry I'm late, but better late than never, right? Nice to see you again, good sir!!

  • @berni1954  5 weeks

    Hi Roy,
    Thanks for giving my Spanish Civil War song a listen. Glad you liked that labour of love. I seem to have unintentionally clicked on REPORT for that comment. Sorry. There doesn't appear to be any way to cancel. I'll post a query about that to the Admin. Trigger happy I guess after mentally fighting Messerschmidts all evening 😊

  • @thejules 6 weeks

    Thank you for your feedback on Shade and Waves! Lol I do need to learn to better balance my use of reverb haha. I guess I still try to hide my voice a bit with it, plus I do like the echo effects but the next songs I record I’ll be more mindful. Also, your piano improvs are astounding, really enjoyed listening to them.

  • @rpasquier  6 weeks

    ... and your piano improvisations are a real achievement. In particular the performance and the cool command of musical structure in the Cascade hit me particularly hard. Amazing!

  • @rpasquier  6 weeks

    Thanks for the good comments on "Piledriver."

  • @audrey  6 weeks

    Thank you for the kind words on Something Wicked this Way Comes. I appreciate it.

  • @kovbleu  6 weeks

    Thank you so much for listening to "Tidal Wave." I really appreciated your kind comments and hearing that you could relate to my song (albeit for sad reasons). But music is healing so knowing it reached you means it was created for that reason. So thank you!

  • @radioovermoscow 6 weeks

    Thanks! Fast? Took days to get my first track up! Truth is I've been working on some proper recordings, and this was pretty much recorded into a template I've got set up, hence the decent sound 😝

  • @tjeff  6 weeks

    Thx for your comments, happy Fawming!

  • @audrey  6 weeks

    Good to see you here again. I look forward to hearing your new creations. I certainly enjoyed them last year, and I'd be interested in knowing when you've completed your "1984" compilation of songs. I'd love to hear the finished product. 😀

  • @caterwauler  7 weeks

    Glad to see you back, Roy! I hope you'll have a wonderful FAWM!

  • @rickamorphis  7 weeks

    Happy and productive FAWMing Roy!

  • @pabrizzer 7 weeks

    I appreciate your comment on my song!

  • @valeriecox  8 weeks

    Happy FAWM!

  • @max  8 weeks

  • @nancyrost  8 weeks

    Happy songwriting season!

  • @nuj4x 8 weeks