Roel van Veldt 8


Antwerp BE   Jan 2010  

Artist Bio

Influences:   I love great ballads, progressive and symphonic pop/rock, soundtracks, acoustic music, and so much more. I leave to your interpretation who influenced my style, and I'm curious what my music reminds you of.

I'm Roel van Veldt, a composer/songwriter who loves to improvise on the piano.

FAWM and 50/90 have changed my life for the better, this is my nineth year.

I'm lucky to have found many great lyricists and musicians here to collaborate with.

This year, I have a special request for you:
I want my songs to be arranged with YOUR instrument in it!

Do you love playing your drums, percussion, guitar, synths, uke, flute, tinklebell, anything... I would love to hear them in my song!

Even just one single instrument would be awesome! If you'd be so generous to do more (like cover it in your own arrangement), I would be on cloud nine! 😉

Of course, let me know if I can do something in return. I'd gladly collaborate on your song. Or I could make a cover of it (and by that marketing it).

§ Roel

P.S. If you're looking for more of my songs, I'll have to admit that I'm terrible with keeping the social networks updated. You will find a few dozen songs on Soundcloud though.


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  • @cicpisces Mar 29

    @roelvanveldt Thanks for finishing the silent treatment. Really like the direction you went. The electro pop sounds very depeche mode. Well done. Finishes off Fawm nicely. Thanks.

  • @zecoop  Mar 6

    Yep, will do - You'll be the first person I contact from my newly purchased Caribbean villa 😉

  • @jorh Mar 2

    No worries at all - I’m just glad you got round to it 😀
    I’ve just listened to “i am here” - the guitar is absolutely wonderful, it definetly has a Mediterranean feel to it which I love, as the lyrics are about living to the max and care free whilst here. You voice sounds fab too - thanks for collabing 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 28

    Really liked the song you did with my dad!! I am collecting them all to make another online album on Bandcamp for him. He has the best time during FAWM! Would you mind if I added your song? I'll add you as a co-writer and can add whatever info you'd like. Let me know. 😀

  • @ballyhoot Feb 28

    Hey, I posted a new version of my "It is Wot It Is" song, incorporating some of the lead guitar riffs and solo that you sent me. I think it sounds pretty good. Reminds me of Matthew Sweet in a way. I could perhaps turn up the levels a little bit, especially on the solo, but I think it works well enough. Hope you like it. Thanks again!!!

  • @srcoops Feb 27

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • @aneil Feb 26

    The demo for Sarah’s Song is up! My album is also out
    Have a listen if you have time. Thanks for your input on Fawm sorry haven’t got to bubble burst yet

  • @ballyhoot Feb 24

    Hey listened to your guitar solo track. I like it. I’m gonna listen to it a few more times to decide if I’m fine with posting the revised track as is or if I want to twiddle with it a bit. Either way, great job! Thank you!

  • @srcoops Feb 24

    Hope you are feeling better. I live in a retirement community. We have a men's breakfast once each month. At one of these, a gentleman spoke of being a bombardier on a B-17 dropping food to the people of Antwerp near the end of WW2. The guy across the table said "You saved my life". He was from Antwerp.

  • @paulhenry  Feb 21

    Thanks for the note on my soundboard. Sorry to hear of your illness. No rush. Well, a few days before the end of the month would be nice. My only concern was that I'm in Morph 5, and it's almost my turn there, too!

  • @srcoops Feb 20

    Sorry to hear that you have been ill. No rush on the song. If you can do it, great. If not, no problem.

  • @aneil Feb 20

    Shall I send you some ideas on my instruments for the day the bubble burst ! Guitar and bass

  • @srcoops Feb 14

    I hope I advised you that I would be pleased to have you do Uninvited Guest. If not, go to it.

  • @ballyhoot Feb 13

    FYI, regarding It is Wot it Is. For what it's worth, I finally added my vocals:

  • @ballyhoot Feb 12

    Hey, thanks for your comment on my song, "It is Wot it Is." As for lead guitar, I think I mainly am looking for a solo part, starting around the 2:40 or 2:47 mark and ending around 3:15. However, I'm fine if you want to noodle around the rest of the song as well. If you can send me a separate track just for your guitar, then I can mix it in where/how I want. What do you think?

  • @paulhenry  Feb 8

    You’re up on Morph #3.

  • @jorh Feb 7

    No worries at all - I look forward to hearing it 😀

  • @cicpisces Feb 2

    Hey.. we are in the random collab. Do you want to choose one of my lyrics? Or I can write something new.

  • @aneil Feb 1

    You welcome to collaborate on the day the bubble burst I’m crazy busy with an album release and doubt I’ll get much time will add you thanks neil

  • @srcoops Feb 1

    You have total freedom. Do it any way you like.

  • @aneil Feb 1

    Thx so much for your comment on the day the bubble burst it was a Click bait challenge by Georgie Cooper on FB and it surprised me. Enjoy Fawm

  • @jorh Feb 1

    Hi Roel,
    Nice to meet you too and good luck with FAWM!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on 'I am here'. It would be great to collaborate on this song and hear what you have come up with. I am not overly precious, so please feel free to change lyrics where you see fit, i trust your judgement 😀
    Would you like me to add you as a collaborator on my post, or do you want to post a new song when you have finished?

  • @srcoops Feb 1

    I would be pleased to have you work on The Uninvited Guest. Thank you.

  • @deannasweidel Feb 1

    Of course it is ok! Glad to see you here

  • @sph  Jan 30

    Hi Roel, I'd love to add some instrument to one of your songs. Let's see whether I can add something fitting.

  • @nuj4x Jan 30